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Almost one in three women are at risk of poverty

women are more likely to work in services or sales while the pay gap with men is 14%

Source: CNA


In Cyprus, almost one in three women are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, more than one in six women receive an income below the poverty line, about one in ten lives in a very low-intensity labour household and 15% suffer from severe physical deprivation.
According to data from the Statistical Service, the Committee on Gender Equality in Employment and Vocational Training adds that 8% of women aged over 15 are unemployed, nine out of ten women are employees and 78% has a permanent job and 22% has a temporary job.

Also, women are more likely to work in services or sales (24%) the pay gap between women and men is 14%, while 38% of women aged 25 and over have completed tertiary education.
According to the data from the Statistical Service, "women account for 48% of the total workforce in Cyprus, one in two women works and 85% of them have full employment and 15% part-time".

The Committee on Gender Equality states that "problems such as non-protection of motherhood, harassment and sexual harassment are unfortunately still present."
It adds that "despite the judgments of the European Court of Justice on Gender Equality in Employment, discrimination and inequalities in employment and vocational training have not been eliminated."
The Committee says it is available to provide free advice on gender equality legislation in employment and to provide free legal aid to victims of gender discrimination.

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