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Baby boy dies at Nicosia hospital

Infant rushed to Limassol's ER, then to Makarios Children's Hospital where he died hours later


A 20-month-old baby died in Nicosia’s Makarios Children Hospital on Monday hours after it was taken to the Emergency Room in Limassol.

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A post-mortem scheduled for Tuesday is expected to show the exact cause of death

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the baby boy was taken to the ER at Limassol General Hospital on Sunday evening, around 9:30pm, and later it was transported to Makarios Children Hospital in the capital due to his critical condition.

The exact symptoms were not immediately clear but some local media said the boy had partial loss of consciousness while sepsis was suspected based on a number of symptoms according to other reports.

According to media reports, the boy was taken from Limassol to Nicosia in a state ambulance, accompanied by a private doctor, an anesthesiologist and an emergency medic.

The boy was admitted to Makarios Children Hospital where doctors tried to keep him alive, according to CNA, but he died at 4:30am on Monday.

A post-mortem, which has been scheduled for Tuesday, is expected to show the exact cause of death.

similar incident took place in August last year, when a young girl was taken by her parents to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital with high fever.
Overnight, around 2am and hours prior to their scheduled visit with a specialist, the mother came back to the ER with her 8-year-old daughter having a low pulse, high fever, and partial loss of consciousness.
The girl later died, prompting an internal probe and a police investigation.

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