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Biker buddy questioned in Paphos fatal crash

No charges against second biker who was seen fleeing the scene in Sunday’s fatal crash in Paphos


Police have located a second biker who was riding along Demos Kamilaris, who was brutally killed on Sunday after crashing his high torque motorcycle into a street pole in Paphos.

Following witness reports, police were searching for a second biker who was seen riding his motorcycle near the Pafiakos roundabout where Kamilaris lost control and crashed into a light pole. Earlier reports said police did not believe any other vehicle had been involved.

According to local media, the second biker was questioned by police on Monday evening and confirmed that he was indeed on the same route with Kamilaris on Sunday, with both men heading towards Kato Paphos around 11am.

Kamilaris was dragged several metres after crashing, but his biker buddy told cops he did not realise what had happened just a few metres behind him

The man, who was seen continuing on his course away from the scene, told cops he had not realized Kamilaris had crashed his motorcycle.

Following the collision, Kamilaris was ejected from his seat and dragged several metres on the asphalt, while his motorcycle went over the median strip and ended up on the opposite side of the road.

But due to the high noise level from the motorbikes and the fact that he was wearing his protective helmet, the man said he was not aware of what had happened just a few metres behind him.

Police took a written deposition but did not press any charges, as the man was not suspected of causing or otherwise being involved in the crash.

Media reports said Kamilaris was wearing his protective helmet but the crash was so brutal that resulted to fatal injuries.

Kamilaris, a 38-year-old father from Yeroskipou, leaves behind a wife and two young twins.

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