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Cyprus legalizes medical cannabis

Law regulates production, use and import of medicinal cannabis


The House of Representatives passed today a law which regulates the production, use and import of medicinal cannabis.

The legislation regulates the import of cannabis and cannabis seeds into the Republic of Cyprus, as well as licensing fees and administrative penalties, in the event of breach of regulations.

Cultivation will be conducted by 3 licensed producers for the first 15 years with reports saying that the aim is to attract large foreign firms with experience in the sector. The fee for the licence was set at half a million euros, in a ddition to 30 000 in annual fees.

Based on the provisions of the law only medical doctors are allowed to prescribe the drug. 34 Parliamentarians voted in favour of the bill and 18 voted against (AKEL, ELAM).

Medicinal cannabis will be given by prescription to patients suffering from chronic conditions associated with, among others, cancer, HIV, degenerative diseases of the motor system, rheumatopathy, neuropathy and glaucoma. It will also be given to patients suffering from Tourette's syndrome and Crohn's disease.

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