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26 June, 2019
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Mixed weather ahead, rain or shine

Clouds, rain and thunderstorms expected Friday through Sunday in the low 30’s


There will be rain showers on Friday and parts of the weekend, as more mixed conditions set in with clear weather, partly cloudy skies during parts of the day, but also thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Friday rain showers are expected in the afternoon with some parts under thunderstorm watch in the late afternoon, especially north and west.

Weekend weather will include both clear skies during parts of the day but also rain showers and even isolated thunderstorms after noon and in the late afternoon hours.

Wet weather is expected to recede by Monday, when clear skies are expected throughout the day but also clouds could appear after noon in parts of the island.

High temperatures will range from low to mid-30’s inland as well as in the south and eastern parts, with upper 20’s in all other coastal regions and low 20’s up in the mountains.

Mountain lows will be 12 degrees while elsewhere they are expected to be around low 20’s.

Overall temperature is expected to rise slightly Sunday and Monday, reaching normal averages for this time of year.

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