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Horrific details emerge in Kioneli murder

Mother who killed son in North Nicosia slept next to him before stabbing him again in the morning


New horrific details emerge in the Kioneli murder, with a Turkish Cypriot mother in police custody admitting that she killed her young son after seeing a social media comment posted by the boy’s father.

Turkish Cypriot media are reporting that 36-year-old Bilge Lord Kunduracı was overcome with emotional anger on Saturday night after seeing a post on social media.

The comment, reportedly posted by the boy’s biological father, a police officer, made references to an imminent child custody battle between the couple, who had been separated.

According to Turkish Cypriot police, Kunduracı admitted to stabbing her son, 7-year-old Ercan Kaya Kunduracı, while he was sleeping on Saturday night, May 26.

Ercan was still alive in his bed with multiple knife wounds in the stomach area, according to local reports, but authorities determined he did not die that night.

On Sunday morning, when she realised that Ercan was still alive, Kunduracı proceeded to stab her little boy again using a second knife

While the boy was still alive, Kunduracı proceeded to lie next to him in bed overnight.

On Sunday morning, when she realised that Ercan was still alive, Kunduracı proceeded to stab her little boy again using a second knife, according to reports, bringing the total number of knife wounds to 17.

When she was certain that her son had passed away, she then attempted to commit suicide, trying to cut her wrists and injuring herself in the neck using the same murder weapon.

It has been reported that actual time of death for the little boy was set at 10pm Sunday.

Reports also say that Kunduracı had called Ercan’s school on Monday to say he would not be going to class that day because he was sick. She also called her workplace, a supermarket, telling them she was feeling under the weather that day and wouldn't report to work. 

She then notified someone on social media of what had happened over the weekend.

The boy’s grandfather reportedly, who had a spare key to the apartment, went to the apartment in North Nicosia with his wife and were both shocked when they saw what had happened.

The grandfather, Kunduracı’s father, later died of a heart attack at the hospital, while his wife also had health complications.

The funerals of the little boy and his grandfather were held separately on Tuesday.

Local media say the boy’s father had left his wife and she had been putting pressure on him to come back. Allegations of spousal abuse have also emerged but details were not immediately clear.

Kunduracı appeared to have a black eye in addition to the other self-inflicted wounds. She remains in custody and appears to be calm during her depositions with the crime investigators.

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