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One devolved federation or two states?

Confusion amidst exhilaration grapples Cyprus as the consequences of geopolitical machinations are edging closer


Confusion amidst exhilaration grapples Cyprus as the consequences of geopolitical machinations are edging closer.

Yesterday during a meeting of the national council President Anastasiades asked party leaders to brainstorm about the concept of ''devolved federation''.

Devolved federation in this instance refers to a proposed increase of the autonomy of constituent states within a federation. Observers have been quick to point out that as things stand -that would evidently be equal to a confederation or a two state solution.

Anastasiades revealed to national council participants that he met with Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu during his recent visit to New York in an effort to restart peace talks. Anastasiades also told party leaders that there are difficulties in restarting peace talks.

Commentators argue that the resumption of the peace talks is linked to efforts to extend the presence of UNFICYP as well as to the ability to explore for natural resources without interference from Turkey.

There appears to be a realization on both sides of the idea that the talks cannot continue indefinately in the current format for the simple reason that they have yielded no results.

Last week DISY leader Averof Neophytou warned of ''a tsunami of national proportions'' and expressed to Kathimerini his worry about the future of Cyprus.

He has been publicly expressing dissatisfaction with the way the President has been handling the peace talks but close attention to wording and demeanour reveal that a rift between the two men is unlikely. Management of expectations and pre-emptive damage control for an impending event fits the description of the decision to criticize the President.

The insinuation would have normally sent people in the streets in protest against a permanent partition but instead was met with restrain and piety.

Last night journalists who frequently inflate news reports about the Cyprus problem where oddly out of words.


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