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Paphos man with stolen antiquities arrested

Police confiscate ancient amphorae, pottery jugs, and a stun gun during raid


Paphos police are investigating a case of stolen antiquities, following the discovery of ancient amphorae and jugs and even a stun gun at a local residence.

Media sources say police investigators received a tip on a possible hidden treasure, possibly in connection with illicit trade of antiquities.

Officers raided the home of a 37-year-old local resident on Wednesday night, where they found five amphorae and two jugs made of clay. During the raid, police also confiscated a stun gun and placed the suspect under arrest.

An amphora is a type of container dating back to the Neolithic Period, while antique pottery jugs are rare pieces but common to Cyprus’ archeological treasures.

Illicit trade in antiquities has been going on for decades in Cyprus, in both northern and southern parts of the island, but authorities were forced to step up their game recently, following public statements by Paphos mayor Fedonas Fedonos, a known whistleblower against corruption.

Fedonos shocked the public when he revealed he had information that state and government officials were involved or had privileged information of illegal activities.

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