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Two con artists wanted for pulling a fast one

Police searching for two suspects who deceived at least two people in a currency exchange scheme


Two male suspects are wanted by police for allegedly stealing money from unsuspecting currency exchange tellers by doing a magic trick.

Authorities say the two men did a magic trick at least twice last week, when they got away with a lot more cash than they handed over to be exchanged from dollars to euros.

In one case, last Thusday, a Nicosia resident was duped by the con artist duo when he was asked to exchange $11,000 in cash. After the victim counting the dollar bills himself, the two men placed the money in an envelope, sealed it, and handed it over in exchange of €8800 also in cash.

But when the two suspects left, the man opened the envelope only to find $600.

A similar incident took place a day later in Paphos, according to authorities, where police say the same two suspects had been involved.

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