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1. Greek FM: Turkey not excluded from energy issues

2. The influence of Greek Americans and relations with Turkey

3. Israeli Ambassador: US participation in Jerusalem summit a strong sign of support

4. Erdogan says Blue Homeland drill is not directed against Greece

5. Turkish and Greek nationalism, a two way street

Blue Homeland was front and centre due to the naval drill of the Turkish Armed Forces, but analysts have been wasting ink to influence public opinion...

6. US's Matthew Palmer urges restraint in East Mediterranean

7. Turkey conducts its biggest ever naval exercise‘blue-homeland-naval-exercise

8. ‘It’s the algorithm, stupid’‘it-s-the-algorithm-stupid

9. First contacts with candidates for the US presidency

10. Defence ministers of Greece and Turkey to discuss confidence building measures

11. Storm brewing west of Cyprus

Severe weather from Greek storm Hioney could creep up on Cyprus by mid-week, with strong winds and rain expected to affect parts of the island...

12. The balancing act after the Tsipras - Erdogan meeting

13. Tsipras, Erdogan stick to positions after Ankara talks

14. Tsipras says Greece does not welcome coupists, but respects judicial rulings

Greece does not welcome coupists but the case of eight soldiers who fled to the country after a failed 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is a matter of the judiciary, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday....

15. This is not the time to stir the Greece-Turkey pot

16. Ankara raises issue of eight officers again

A few days before Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visits Turkey, the country’s National Security Council said in a statement on Thursday that Ankara will continue to pursue people it accuses of taking part in the failed coup attempt in 2016 – including the eight servicemen Greece has refused to extradite....

17. Wess Mitchell and the musical chairs in the Trump foreign policy team

18. Greek PM and German Chancellor discuss the Cyprus problem

19. Kammenos says Cavusoglu's ‘spoiled brat’ comment proof of his effectiveness‘spoiled-brat-comment-proof-of-his-effectiveness

20. We welcome cooperation with like-minded countries Israeli Ambassador says

21. George H.W. Bush and his approach to Greece

22. House Foreign Affairs Committees of Cyprus, Greece and Israel meet in Athens

23. Radical change in our region

24. Turkey to drill in its own waters

25. Turkey ups ante in Eastern Med over oil and gas

26. Flying to Athens now costs more than €300

27. Cobalt Air license revoked, company recorded €30 million losses per year€30-million-losses-per-year

28. Powerful storm brings heavy rain to Greece


30. Lesvos memorial to drowned refugees destroyed

A memorial on the Aegean island of Lesvos erected in memory of the hundreds of migrants and refugees who have perished while attempting the crossing from Turkey to Greece and the European Union has been destroyed by vandals....