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1. Anastasiades welcomes agreement on Brexit

2. Government: There is no secret deal with Turkey on gas

3. Akinci: It is not clear what Anastasiades wants

4. The critical presidential question

Andreas Paraschos takes a closer look at the latest political developments on the Cyprus issue, following a presidential press conference that left many with a smug on their face ...

5. Christodoulides optimistic about resumption of Cyprus talks

6. Christodoulides meets US National Security Advisor John Bolton

7. Analysis: The President’s speech

8. Food for Thought

9. Governance as important as security and guarantees

10. Cypriot and Israeli commandos train in Troodos

Israeli special commandos trained on Cypriot soil for a third time since an agreement was signed between the two countries, allowing troops from both countries to gain new insights and training for combat...

11. KNEWS at the 14th Economist Conference

12. FM and President offer contradictory statements ahead of Jane Holl Lute meeting

13. Jane Holl Lute to meet Cyprus leaders today

14. Profound lack of rationale

The government spokesperson responded to AKEL saying discussion over possible decentralization in no way did it change the president's aim of federation, but the introductory paragraph was filled with irony...

15. President to inform public after meeting with Jane Holl Lute

16. Anastasiades: Dherynia and Lefka Crossings to open 12 November

17. Leaders meeting underway

18. Religious leaders welcome meeting between Anastasiades and Akinci

19. Spehar: Anastasiades-Akinci meeting a significant step

20. President of the House to deliver first four volumes of 'Cyprus File' to President Anastasiades

21. President to table detailed proposal on a devolved federation

22. Traitor president who holds all the aces

No president of the Republic of Cyprus will ever negotiate a two-state solution as that would amount to being guilty of high treason...

23. Cyprus talks: Anastasiades to meet Akinci on October 26

24. 'Loose' federation and philology of two states: What is valid and what is not

25. Cyprus issue: not about virgin birth

I get the feeling that, after so many years of dialogue with the other side, we never actually had a conversation with ourselves...

26. Cyprus gears up for a major cyberattack and cybercrime

27. Pardoned sex offender ordered to go on the list

The convicted sex offender, whose early release last month caused a public backlash, has been order to go on a special registry for at least three years...

28. Manoeuvres to avoid deadlock and to enable Turkey flexibility

29. With Israel in Washington

30. One devolved federation or two states?