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21 May, 2019


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1. Cry havoc!

2. Justice minister to step down over Mitseros case

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou tendered his resignation on Thursday over criticism aimed at the police for failing to investigate cases of foreign missing women, some of whom were murdered...

3. Power outage was caused by strong winds

There is more clarity over the reasons behind Tuesday’s massive loss at Vasiliko power plant, with officials saying some 100 megawatt from the north saved the day in the first crucial hour...

4. Power cuts blamed on weather

A sudden load decrease at the Vasiliko power plant caused a brief and partial blackout in Cyprus on Tuesday morning...

5. Customs officer fired over corruption loses appeal

An administrative court says the Public Service Commission had every right to fire a customs officer from his job, rejecting his appeal after he was convicted of abusing his position in a drug smuggling operation...

6. Kenyan tycoon with Cypriot passport files lawsuit

A Kenyan business tycoon who also holds a Cypriot passport is suing authorities in his native country alleging he is being prosecuted unfairly for not disclosing his dual citizenship...

7. Interview with German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen

8. Checking of Greeks cash abroad begins

The tax administration now has data concerning Greeks with deposits, dividends, shares and real estate abroad over the last couple of years, in the context of the automatic exchange of information....

9. Commando facing weapons charges loses appeal

A military commando officer who is fighting possession charges for weapons and explosives has lost his appeal to the Supreme Court, with judges finding that search warrants issued by a civilian judge did not break any laws...

10. Cyprus to bid for European Labour Authority

11. CYTA forecasts budget deficit for 2019

12. Man’s death unnoticed for over two months

The body of a man who died in December has been discovered in his residence in rural Nicosia, after it had gone unnoticed for over two months even when a company employee went to cut off electricity...

13. Interview with Egyptian Ambassador Mai Taha Mohamed Khalil

14. Cyprus's first private power station to reduce electricity prices

15. Justice Minister: Cyprus to implement GRECO recommendations

16. Cyprus to establish new Insurance and Pension Fund Supervision Authority

17. Bank of Cyprus sells NPEs amounting to €34 million to APS Delta€34-million-to-aps-delta

18. School canteen drug allegations fire up debate

Cyprus police are hitting back at allegations that a school canteen in Limassol was selling drugs, landing the source of the claims in the hot seat...

19. International Court of Arbitration rules in favour of Cyprus in FBME case

20. US charges Huawei with bank fraud, theft of trade secrets

21. Supreme Court condemns 'unprovoked' accusations

22. White House considers executive order to ban Huawei and ZTE

23. Key points in US Defense Secretary's resignation letter

24. Treppides Group presence in Malta grants exceptional expertise in Blockchain Technology

Treppides Group presence in Malta grants exceptional expertise in Blockchain Technology:How Cyprus can excel in legislation and become leader in EU taking advantage of Malta’s Recent Regulatory Framework in respect of Blockchain Technology and Virtual Financial Asset...

25. Cyprus Digital Security Authority meets amid Chinese data breach

26. Strategic ties with US, increased role in Balkans, East Med

27. Britain to shake up Big Four accountants

28. Limassol dockworkers to strike again

Dockworkers at the Limassol port have decided once again to initiate a work stoppage on Friday citing problems in negotiating a collective agreement...

29. LNG to diversify Cyprus energy market

30. Cyprus cleans up after the storm

Cleaning crews in cities and towns around the island got to work Tuesday morning, following overnight heavy storms that brought down trees and caused mayhem in many parts of the road network...