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1. EU sanctions and shell companies shutdown raise concerns, Russian Ambassador says

2. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

3. Interview with Isfandyar Zaman Khan, lead specialist for finance and innovation at the World Bank

4. New directive on shell companies improves anti-money laundering practices

5. UK and EU agree deal on financial services

6. Russian oligarchs ''monitored''

7. Ancient mariners: Greek navy offers taste of life in galleys

8. Alpha Bank Cyprus unloads NPLs worth €400 million€400-million

9. Solution from abroad for J&P Overseas

10. Ticking bombs

11. Bank share plunge fuels fears about Greece's vulnerability

12. Astrobank in talks to buy National Bank of Greece Cyprus unit

13. Banks have their recovery work cut out

The bank stock slump has gone on for too long and valuations are now exceptionally low, say senior credit sector officials in Athens. However, analysts questioned on the issue by Kathimerini say the problems that Greek lenders are facing will not be overcome quickly, justifying the pounding the sector has sustained on the Athens stock exchange....

14. Opinion: Cyprus heaven bashing must end

15. Greek finance ministry lifts capital controls on cash withdrawals

Greece’s Finance Ministry announced on Thursday it is lifting all capital controls on cash withdrawals and the movement of capital within the country....

16. Reality in the face of wicked politics

17. AXIA Ventures Group receives Global Finance 2018 award

18. Fitch Ratings upgrades Bank of Cyprus

19. Bank of Cyprus plans voluntary layoffs in 2019

20. Co-working spaces and Entrepreneurship

21. Bank of Cyprus CEO makes the case for Cyprus recovery

22. Greek banks to chase borrowers who refused to open their accounts

Banks have firmly focused their attention on debtors who have resorted to the provisions of the so-called Katseli law – named after former economy minister Louka Katseli – for protection now that their bank account secrecy has been lifted....

23. Cyprus bond achieves best borrowing rate in Euro era

24. Cyprus back into investment grade

Cyprus got its investment worthiness stripes back on Friday as Standard & Poor’s raised the country’s credit grade from BB+ to BBB- with a stable outlook, five years following a devastating financial collapse...

25. EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager visits Cyprus

26. Russia, Iran and Turkey have different visions for Syria but all three face US sanctions

27. The noose is tightening for Russians oligarchs

The United States and Britain are applying more pressure on Russian oligarchs, but also on the transit countries through which their money is being transferred. At the same time that American authorities are working on increasing their sanctions against Russia, the international Press is exposing more reports concerning Russian oligarchs who channelled their money through multiple countries, including Cyprus....

28. Turkish Cypriots to touch base with Ankara

Turkish Cypriot officials are reportedly getting ready for a trip to Ankara where they will discuss the Turkish economic crisis and its impact on the northern part of the island...

29. Shadows loom over government’s ‘clean exit’ scenario‘clean-exit-scenario

Greece’s bailout exit has been eliciting condescending and bitter commentary on the country’s beaches and in its near-deserted cities, as few Greeks believes their lives are going to improve or that the country’s prospects will be akin to those of other bailed-out eurozone states. Greece’s “return to normalcy” and “clean exit,” much touted by the government, appear to be happening somewhere else....

30. Central Greece district hit by flash floods

At least two villages were flooded near Lamia, central Greece, on Friday after the river Spercheios swelled due to heavy thunderstorms....