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1. May: I will resign on 7 June

2. Ghosts of history

3. Cops tie up loose ends in Orestis case

Police feel more certain they can locate Maricar’s body in the red lake, after alleged serial killer Nikos Metaxas identified the cement block that was pulled out of the water...

4. Cyprus to carry out 8 drillings in the next 24 months

Energy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis announced on Tuesday that Cyprus is planning to carry out eight drillings in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), during the next 24 months....

5. UK F-35 land in the British Bases in Cyprus

UK F-35 jets landed on Tuesday afternoon in the British Bases, in Akrotiri, in the southern coast of Cyprus....

6. The yellow lake

In the last decade of the nineteenth century in America, two influential newspapers - New York World and New York Journal – went all out in a fierce competition that adopted sensationalized news reporting, prompting New York Press affiliates to coin the term yellow journalism...

7. Google suspends business with Huawei

8. Lakkotrypis: Cyprus energy developments an incentive for Turkey

9. Police close to wrapping up Orestis case

There are still no signs of Maricar and little Sierra as authorities failed to locate their bodies so far, while police say they see no evidence to suggest that Orestis committed more than seven murders...

10. BOC leadership change will not disrupt momentum Ackermann says

11. 'Sovereignty under dispute' comment draws criticism

12. Cement block from red lake points to Maricar

A cement block retrieved from the red lake on Tuesday is believed to be connected to one of the suitcases in the serial killer case...

13. Cyprus Aphrodite gas field partners near deal

14. Orestis back in court

A month has gone by with police still searching for two more slain victims of alleged serial killer Orestis, while a crucial autopsy on Monday is expected to show the cause of death of eight-year-old Elena Natalia...

15. Total - ENI reportedly granted Cyprus Block 7

16. Tusk: The EU stands united behind Cyprus

17. New killer signature emerges after latest autopsy

New information suggests that a Nepalese woman, believed to have been murdered last year by an alleged serial killer, died of head trauma and not strangulation as did other victims...

18. Britain concerned by Turkey's intention to drill off Cyprus

19. Foreign Minister wraps up Paris visit

20. Moscow plane crash death toll rises to 41

21. First body from red lake identified

Reports say the body inside the first suitcase retrieved in Mitseros belonged to Livia, with a second autopsy revealing the horror of the Romanian woman’s final moments...

22. Divers face challenges in Mitseros search

Scuba divers are back in the water on Tuesday as they face poor visibility and technical delays in the search for victims in the Mitseros serial killer investigation...

23. Identity of red lake corpse still unknown

Authorities got no definitive answers as to the identity of a female corpse inside a suitcase, as the search for more bodies in the Mitseros serial killer investigation continues...

24. First body retrieved from red lake

The decomposed body of a woman was retrieved Sunday around 2:30pm form the red lake in Mitseros, as efforts to locate two more bodies are said to continue most likely on Monday...

25. Death toll from Sri Lanka attacks rises sharply to 290

26. East Med Gas Forum to turn into an international organisation

27. 'Whole new day' for Cyprus' relationship with US, says senator

28. Russian destroyer docks at Limassol port

Russian destroyer Severomorsk has docked in Limassol to stock up on supplies and give sailors time off after a long deployment at sea...

29. Orounta residents block antenna installation

Local residents in Orounta broke through a police line to block the installation of a mobile antenna on Tuesday, with the Green party leader showing support and calling for stricter safety thresholds...

30. Working with Israel and Jewish Americans