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21 March, 2019


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1. Finance Minister: To avoid trouble, don't defy economic logic

2. 10th Economic Ideas Forum takes on Cyprus economic reforms

3. Finish what you started on reforms, IMF tells Greece

4. New plan to subsidise home solar systems

Home owners who install residential solar power systems will be eligible for state subsidies up to €1000, according to a government plan approved by the Cabinet on Thursday...

5. Cyprus establishes energy investment fund

6. Greek shipowners agree to pay 75 million annually to state

7. CYTA forecasts budget deficit for 2019

8. Germania airline files for bankruptcy, halts flights

9. Morning earthquake felt in Limassol

A minor earthquake was felt in Limassol on Thursday, with officials saying it took place early in the morning...

10. House passes state budget for 2019

The House of Representatives Plenary on Friday approved by majority voting the 2019 state budget, that provides for a surplus amounting 3% of GDP...

11. Budget 2019 goes to parliament

12. PWC for citizenship by investment due diligence

13. Finance Minister: Promoting reforms must be a national goal

14. Finance Minister: Slogans and populism do not create jobs

15. EU Commission approves ESTIA scheme

16. Cyprus: Surplus of 842 million euros in ten months

17. Bloomberg reports on J&P Overseas downfall

18. Finance Minister: Fiscal stability must be preserved

19. DBRS upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

20. Big Oil digs North Sea's final frontier

21. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

22. Defence minister rolls out reforms

Exam grades will no longer be a factor in promoting military commissioned officers, while reservists will have more flexibility to show up for training according to upcoming changes...

23. Economic growth in Cyprus remains strong

24. Brexit – Deal or No Deal?–-deal-or-no-deal

It seems that you can’t read the news today without some mention of Brexit. The referendum that took place took place in 2016 it now nearing the deadline and Europe as a whole is at the edge of their seats...

25. There is no economic bubble says Finance Minister

26. Tax declaration to become obligatory irrespective of income

27. Eurostat confirms Cyprus 1.8% budget surplus

28. Fitch Ratings upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

29. Cyprus police bet on behavioural science

Cyprus police is betting on behavioural sciences in another effort to combat crime, drawing on experts and techniques reminiscent of CSI shows on television...

30. Cyprus 2019 budget to create 3% surplus