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1. EU Commission to recommend exempting Britons from visas after Brexit

2. Fund Management a 'new beginning' for Cyprus

3. Defence minister rolls out reforms

Exam grades will no longer be a factor in promoting military commissioned officers, while reservists will have more flexibility to show up for training according to upcoming changes...

4. Grexit plan was no bluff, French ex-president tells Kathimerini

5. New directive on shell companies improves anti-money laundering practices

6. Cyprus issues navtex as Exxon’s drillship arrives at Block 10

7. Islamic State claims responsibility for Melbourne attack

8. Economic growth in Cyprus remains strong

9. British High Commissioner hosts reception to mark 70 years of NHS

10. New details emerge in Larnaca sibling murder

New details have emerged in the Larnaca sibling murder, with reports saying the boy who killed his sister was hyperactive but not violent while neighbours who heard the initial screams had become complacent due to frequent yelling...

11. EU officials call Greece for stability amid pension debate

European officials are urging the Greek government to focus on maintaining financial and political stability even as political parties ratchet up their rhetoric ahead of general elections next year....

12. Commissioner Hahn calls for end to Turkey’s EU accession talks

13. International Ombudsman Institute: Taking the Initiative

14. Cypriot and Israeli commandos train in Troodos

Israeli special commandos trained on Cypriot soil for a third time since an agreement was signed between the two countries, allowing troops from both countries to gain new insights and training for combat...

15. Controversy over urinal still unresolved

A controversial portable urinal for men, in the shape of a naked woman in an explicit sexual position, continues to spark debate in parliament two months after public criticism, with some saying the product goes too far while others say social impact has been overstated...

16. Cyprus falls back to winter time

People will get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, as clocks fall back to winter time Saturday after midnight marking the end of Daylight Saving Time possibly for the last time...

17. Obama, Clinton, Soros among targets of bombs ahead of U.S. election

18. Nicosia pleads with Athens over energy linkup

19. CySEC: Financial crime has no place in Cyprus

20. Cyprus will fall back to winter time normally

Daylight Saving Time will end normally on October 28 despite some EU states trying to opt out and people debating online whether they like to fall back or spring forward...

21. Taxation in a Digital Economy

22. Cyprus committed in fight against human trafficking

23. EU Parliament cancels €70 million earmarked for Turkey over rule of law conditions€70-million-earmarked-for-turkey-over-the-rule-of-law-conditons

24. Lessons from Northern Ireland

25. Jeremy Hunt: The Cyprus problem can be solved and the best solution is federation

26. Opinion: Cyprus heaven bashing must end

27. More EU aid to Cyprus to help with migrant arrivals

28. AXIA Ventures Group receives Global Finance 2018 award

29. Bank of Cyprus plans voluntary layoffs in 2019

30. Britain is the world's largest importer of Cyprus Halloumi