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18 November, 2018


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1. Suspects remanded in Ayia Napa highway murder

After a long and dramatic hearing in the Ayia Napa highway murder and alibis presented before the Famagusta district court, the four suspects were remanded for eight days on suspicion of being the main culprits in the crime...

2. Excavation for missing underway in Nicosia

More excavations are underway for the search of missing Cypriots who went missing during the ethnic conflict on the island half a century ago...

3. US backs Cyprus’s right to develop resources, Pyatt says

Washington supports Cyprus’s right to develop its resources in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said Thursday....

4. Turkish fighter jets fly over Nicosia

Nicosia skies were pierced by the thunder of two Turkish fighter jets at noon Thursday, marking celebrations in the north while drawing condemnation in the south...

5. Court drama in Ayia Napa highway murder

Four men in custody denied any involvement in the Ayia Napa highway murder during their remand hearing on Thursday, where things got tense following an argument between the defence and prosecution...

6. Interview with Isfandyar Zaman Khan, lead specialist for finance and innovation at the World Bank

7. Akinci: It is not clear what Anastasiades wants

8. The critical presidential question

Andreas Paraschos takes a closer look at the latest political developments on the Cyprus issue, following a presidential press conference that left many with a smug on their face ...

9. British High Commissioner hosts reception to mark 70 years of NHS

10. Analysis: The President’s speech

11. Food for Thought

12. Hope remains for a Cyprus settlement, but actions needed, Spehar tells Economist conference

13. State launches new call centre

Members of the public who need to call the government regarding their citizen cases can now call the 1434 national number to get more information or submit a support ticket...

14. Cyprus close to Brexit agreement with Britain

15. Profound lack of rationale

The government spokesperson responded to AKEL saying discussion over possible decentralization in no way did it change the president's aim of federation, but the introductory paragraph was filled with irony...

16. Cyprus falls back to winter time

People will get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, as clocks fall back to winter time Saturday after midnight marking the end of Daylight Saving Time possibly for the last time...

17. House President addresses UK Cypriots

18. Spehar: Anastasiades-Akinci meeting a significant step

19. Turkey ups ante in Eastern Med over oil and gas

20. Greek Cypriot priest detained briefly in the north

Four people detained Tuesday afternoon by Turkish Cypriot authorities in connection with an alleged theft of a piece of church stone with archeological value...

21. Grieving widow in iconic Cyprus photo dies at 87

Nevcihan Olusum, the Turkish Cypriot woman whose agonising face was captured in a prize winning photograph in 1964, has died...

22. Cyprus will fall back to winter time normally

Daylight Saving Time will end normally on October 28 despite some EU states trying to opt out and people debating online whether they like to fall back or spring forward...

23. Prospects for a Cyprus settlement 'remain alive' Guterres tells Security Council

24. Cyprus issue: not about virgin birth

I get the feeling that, after so many years of dialogue with the other side, we never actually had a conversation with ourselves...

25. Cypriot businessman arrested in Sydney

A Greek Cypriot businessman has been arrested in Australia over allegations he was stockpiling illegal steroids worth four hundred grand...

26. Manoeuvres to avoid deadlock and to enable Turkey flexibility

27. With Israel in Washington

28. Turkey to drill in Mediterranean in October

29. Averof and Kudret grab a bite

30. Lessons from Northern Ireland