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17 October, 2021


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1. Appointment of Directors, Principals, Senior Manager in K. Treppides & Co

The Management of K. Treppides & Co Ltd committed to develop leadership that derives from its own people, who pursue excellence in the provision of high quality specialised and unique services, is pleased to announce the appointment of the following members into the Board of Management with effect 1 October 2020...

2. Investment fund assets under management rise to €6.7 billion€6-7-billion

3. IQ Option fined by CySEC

4. CySEC: Cyprus securities market has grown over 169% since 2011

5. CySEC: Financial crime has no place in Cyprus

6. Cyprus Residency and Citizenship-by-Investment Scheme Remains Appealing to Investors

With more than three decades of presence operating as a leading international advisory services firm, K. Treppides & Co Ltd offers insight into the latest residency and investment trends to impact Cyprus...

7. Cysec to wrap up inquiries on the banking crisis

The three cases concerning the now-defunct Laiki Bank with regard the acquisition products by German Commerzabank, the reclassification of the Greek bonds held by Laiki, and the investment of Bank of Cyprus in Banca Transilvania...