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31. Finance Minister: Fiscal stability must be preserved

32. Difficult decisions brought about positive results in the economy, President says

33. DBRS upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

34. President Anastasiades presents his vision for a new model for the economy

35. An increasing French presence in the East Med

36. Hellenic Bank’s Economic Review

37. The cool waters of the eastern Mediterranean

Andreas Paraschos - The UN Secretary General saw in June 2017 the rejection of a Solution Framework and now he is bringing it back with a 90-day timeline, which is plenty of time to sort out answers to some big energy questions...

38. EU sanctions and shell companies shutdown raise concerns, Russian Ambassador says

39. Who wants to be Britain's next prime minister?

40. EU, UNDP plant 2,500 trees in Amiantos to offset carbon emissions

41. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

42. After cabinet backing, May girds for Brexit battle in parliament

43. Interview with Isfandyar Zaman Khan, lead specialist for finance and innovation at the World Bank

44. May's opponents vow to thwart Brexit deal as Britain agrees on divorce terms with EU

45. Dijsselbloem: Cyprus is still in search of a new economic paradigm

46. Fund Management a 'new beginning' for Cyprus

47. A good day for Hellenism in America

48. Economic growth in Cyprus remains strong

49. Brexit – Deal or No Deal?–-deal-or-no-deal

It seems that you can’t read the news today without some mention of Brexit. The referendum that took place took place in 2016 it now nearing the deadline and Europe as a whole is at the edge of their seats...

50. EU officials call Greece for stability amid pension debate

European officials are urging the Greek government to focus on maintaining financial and political stability even as political parties ratchet up their rhetoric ahead of general elections next year....

51. Food for Thought

52. US reimposes oil and financial sanctions against Iran

53. Merkel takes the fall leaving Europe without a leader

54. There is no economic bubble says Finance Minister

55. Cyprus falls back to winter time

People will get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, as clocks fall back to winter time Saturday after midnight marking the end of Daylight Saving Time possibly for the last time...

56. Weak Greek economy threatened by world unrest

57. Fiscal Council: Construction sector growth will not continue indefinitely

58. Persuasion and force

59. Fitch Ratings upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

60. Turkey searches Saudi consulate again, as world condemns Saudi Arabia