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10 December, 2018


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1. President: US, France interested in Greece, Cyprus, Israel cooperation

2. Private sector is the key to Greece’s recovery

3. EU Commission earmarks €34.5 million for Turkish Cypriots€34-5-million-for-turkish-cypriots

4. DBRS upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

5. Donkey shot to death in the north

The recent killing of a donkey has infuriated media and public in the north, especially following reports that said the animal was shot to death by a hunting rifle...

6. Nicosia Mall: The incredible is here

The largest shopping center in Cyprus, opened its doors to members of the press, offering a preview of its remarkable spaces for the first time. Visitors had the chance to experience all the modern shopping retreat has to offer, with over 150 units, an open-air plaza and space for 1.700 vehicles, including smart parking...

7. Auditing and Renewable Sources of Energy in Cyprus

In a world where the focus is on ‘going green’ the role of renewable sources of energy is becoming increasingly significant. It would therefore be hard to ignore some of the initiatives set out by the European Union with regards to these renewable sources of energy...

8. Hellenic Bank’s Economic Review

9. The cool waters of the eastern Mediterranean

Andreas Paraschos - The UN Secretary General saw in June 2017 the rejection of a Solution Framework and now he is bringing it back with a 90-day timeline, which is plenty of time to sort out answers to some big energy questions...

10. Who wants to be Britain's next prime minister?

11. Exxon Mobil to start drilling this week

12. Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday

13. Interview with Isfandyar Zaman Khan, lead specialist for finance and innovation at the World Bank

14. Dijsselbloem: Cyprus is still in search of a new economic paradigm

15. A good day for Hellenism in America

16. Brexit – Deal or No Deal?–-deal-or-no-deal

It seems that you can’t read the news today without some mention of Brexit. The referendum that took place took place in 2016 it now nearing the deadline and Europe as a whole is at the edge of their seats...

17. Interview with Jaap Winter professor of international and corporate law at Vrije University

18. Cyprus signs dairy product export protocol with China

19. The end of political totems

20. Exxon Mobil drillship arrives in Limassol on November 12

21. Weak Greek economy threatened by world unrest

22. Activists dismantle illegal bird trapping site

Environmental activists in Cyprus came across an illegal bird trapping site on Wednesday, managing to save 200 birds while poachers had already killed some before running away...

23. Persuasion and force

24. Fitch Ratings upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

25. Turkish court sentences Cypriot jihadist

A Londoner of Cypriot origin and his wife have been sentenced to six years and three months in Turkey after they were convicted on terrorism charges...

26. Female poacher armed to the teeth

Two environmental activists, who were monitoring illegal bird trapping activities in Larnaca, were assaulted last week by a female poacher who also bit them before wildlife officers could arrive...

27. Cypriot among fracking protesters to go to jail

A Cypriot anti-fracking activist in Britain will spend over a year in prison along with three others for their part in blocking the way for trucks outside an energy company base...

28. Ticking bombs

29. Female tourists pelted with paintballs in Paphos

At least two female tourists were targeted Sunday evening in an apparent paintball ambush, with unknown suspects managing to pelt one of them with the glittery splat...

30. Primary schools to beef up security

The premises of public primary schools and kindergartens in Cyprus could soon be surrounded by taller fencing and gates, based on discussion among officials in the aftermath of the Larnaca abduction case...