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1. Bloomberg: Turkey has abandoned the West

In an opinion piece Bloomberg's editorial board writes that Turkey is an increasingly erratic ally that is no longer worth the risks. ...

2. No time for mixed signals

We are entering a very thorny patch in Greek-Turkish relations. Turkey’s activities within Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), combined with the standoff with the United States over Ankara’s acquisition of the Russian S-400 missile defense system are increasing the tension further in Greece’s wider region. ...

3. State Department expresses ‘deep concerns’ over Turkish drilling off Cyprus‘deep-concerns-over-turkish-drilling-off-cyprus

Washington expressed “deep concerns” over Turkey’s insistence on conducting drilling operations in Cyprus’ offshore maritime zone ...

4. Partition starting to show

The most revealing broadcast last Monday on the Russian-made missile that fell in the occupied areas was a tell-all account by Despina Kouri during RIK’s primetime news on what was being reported by the foreign press regarding the incident...

5. The others were Merkel’s puppets, we were just naive

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras admitted to being naive enough to believe that his European counterparts, whose countries have loaned Greece billions of euros, would go easy on him...

6. Against all odds

7. Cyprus on track to miss EU recycling targets

8. The 'Cyprus fear' in the west

Western diplomats and foreign dignitaries have two main concerns about the direction of future developments on the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the Cyprus issue and local politics...

9. Interview with German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen

10. Critics must put their money where their mouth is

11. The US-EU crisis, NATO and Greece

12. Weber: Cypriots must know the EU backs their positions

13. Europe without the US

14. UK, European officials discussing possible Brexit delay

15. An attack against freedom of the press

16. Greek phlegm and British drama

17. Unfavourable climate in the EU

18. May's opponents vow to thwart Brexit deal as Britain agrees on divorce terms with EU

19. Dijsselbloem: Cyprus is still in search of a new economic paradigm

20. Grexit plan was no bluff, French ex-president tells Kathimerini

21. Plan B for FYROM and more US bases in Greece

22. Tusk: EU must end migration blame game

23. No more pretexts

The world will never be the same since Donald Trump was installed in the White House. In a sense, his election was unavoidable. Not because matters became unbearable in the last 30 years after the fall of the communist system in Europe. Rather, it was because they became in a way unnatural....

24. The positions of SYRIZA, New Democracy and our allies

25. Fake news and quality journalism under scrutiny

Fake news, a term used almost daily and a byproduct of the rapid spread of social media networks, will be one of the main topics in the first digital policy conference on “Cyprus in the Digital Agenda” on Thursday in Nicosia...

26. Mediterranean diet is falling out of favour with southern Europeans

Recent data found that in Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Greece and San Marino, one in five boys were obese...

27. Europe’s walls and Italy

A coalition government between two Italian parties that are ready to challenge core European Union rules and practices will show whether the Union still has reserves of strength or whether decay and fragmentation are inevitable...

28. Thomas Cook buoyed by strong demand for Turkey, Greece, Egypt holidays

British holiday company Thomas Cook said it was on track to meet annual forecasts helped by strong demand for holidays to Turkey, Greece and Egypt, and as part of its plan to shift capacity away from parts of Spain where margins are lower...

29. EU can't save Iran deal after Trump nuked it

European countries are powerless to salvage the nuclear deal with Iran after the United States pulled out, the deputy head of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) said ...

30. Chemical attack accusations ‘a farce’ Assad tells Kathimerini‘a-farce-assad-tells-kathimerini

In an exclusive interview with Kathimerini, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against civilians while taking aim at both Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump...