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1. Moody's warns foreclosure laws increase risk for banks

Cyprus’ new foreclosure framework hampers banks efforts to reduce NPLs said credit rating agency Moody's in an announcement on Thursday....

2. Cyprus parliament suspends foreclosures

The House of Representatives voted in its last plenary before summer recess an amendment to the foreclosure law that foresees a freeze in foreclosures and suspension for loans eligible for the ESTIA loan relief plan...

3. Cyprus aims to be among the first to regulate blockchain technology

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and more specifically, Blockchain, can offer endless possibilities in many different fields, according to speakers addressing the Cyprus Blockchain Summit, on Wednesday, in Nicosia. Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said that Cyprus aim to be among the first countries to regulate aspects of DLT. The creation of the regulatory framework should be flexible, so that it will promote innovation and provide legal certainty and protection for both consumers and investors, House President Demetris Syllouris noted from his part...

4. Fiscal Council: Implement reforms and maintain surpluses

5. Bank culture should change Central Bank Governor says

6. The yellow lake

In the last decade of the nineteenth century in America, two influential newspapers - New York World and New York Journal – went all out in a fierce competition that adopted sensationalized news reporting, prompting New York Press affiliates to coin the term yellow journalism...

7. DBRS reaffirms Cyprus’s rating

8. US Treasury official: Cyprus has made huge progress in combating money laundering

9. Two worlds on a collision course

When Nicos Anastasiades was campaigning in 2013 for the presidency in the Republic of Cyprus under the banner “leadership in times of crisis” many people bought into the idea that the leader on the right would recognize the gravity of the situation and had a plan ready to get the country out of a tight spot...

10. US Assistant Secretary for terrorist financing to visit Cyprus

11. Cyprus to repay Russian loan early

12. Financial stability a priority says new Central Banker

13. President Anastasiades: Political cost preferable to letting go of Finance Minister

14. Finance Minister: To avoid trouble, don't defy economic logic

15. Haris Georgiades: We kept the Cooperative Bank alive to protect people's deposits

16. Finance Minister to stay on until the end of the year

17. You can call it political karma

With the re-election of Nicos Anastasiades, many were puzzled with Harris Georgiades’ decision to insist that he not be reappointed finance minister. Having a clear path ahead of him and a brewing storm miles away, shouldn’t he be entitled to leaving while things were still good?...

18. Probe on a probe finding

It was to be expected that the president of the Republic would stand by the finance minister, emphasizing that he still has faith in him, following the finding of the co-op investigative committee...

19. Finance Minister speaks to Euronews on Cooperative sale

20. President stands by Finance Minister

21. Cooperative Anathema: Dissolution or sale

22. Asprokremos dam overflow begins

The Asprokremos dam began overflowing on Tuesday after 1pm, with spectators on site and weather enthusiasts online celebrating the rare event...

23. Man sentenced for throwing puppy off building

A Nicosia judge sentenced a man to 30 days in prison for killing a puppy after he threw it off a building during an argument...

24. Confidence confirmed as Cyprus issues first ever 15-year bond

25. Cyprus introduces stricter rules for citizenship by investment program

26. Stop the Brexit clock says Cyprus Finance Minister on Bloomberg

27. Requiem for the Missing

When I was writing in 1994 the lyrics to a song called “Tou Vagori” about 1619 missing persons in Cyprus, I never expected less than a year later I would be discovering completely by accident that the correct number was not 1619 and the Missing were not just Greek Cypriots...

28. Cyprus to establish new Insurance and Pension Fund Supervision Authority

29. Bloomberg: Russians are downsizing in Cyprus

30. Cyprus ranks first in absorption of EU Regional funds