21 January, 2019


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91. Hope remains for a Cyprus settlement, but actions needed, Spehar tells Economist conference

92. Cops discover drugs inside arcade game

A Greek national has been arrested in connection with 64 kilos of cannabis hidden inside an arcade game in Limassol, while the owner of a food supply company is wanted for questioning...

93. Greek government to issue operation licenses for old houses of worship

The Ministry of Education, Research and Religion will grant licenses to all houses of worship operating in Greece since 1955, according to a cyclical issued on Wednesday. ...

94. Turkey to drill in its own waters

95. Earthquake rattles Cyprus

96. The Greek Diaspora

97. Dozens of aftershocks recorded in Zakynthos

Dozens of aftershocks have rattled the Ionian island of Zakynthos and regions further afield following a powerful earthquake on Friday morning....

98. Powerful earthquake shakes Greece

99. Weak Greek economy threatened by world unrest

100. Turkey ups ante in Eastern Med over oil and gas

101. Flying to Athens now costs more than €300

102. President of the House to deliver first four volumes of 'Cyprus File' to President Anastasiades

103. Unstable weather and more rain on the way

Wednesday and Thursday skies will be partly cloudy with increasing chances of rain and somewhat cooler temperatures with evening showers, while unstable weather patterns will clear out by early Saturday...

104. Nicosia pleads with Athens over energy linkup

105. Eurostat confirms Cyprus 1.8% budget surplus

106. Persuasion and force

107. US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell to visit Cyprus

108. Cobalt Air license revoked, company recorded €30 million losses per year€30-million-losses-per-year

109. Kotzias, the search for solutions and his combative style

110. Tourist arrivals hit record high in September

Tourist arrivals in Cyprus recorded a historic high in September 2018 and in the first nine months of the year staying above the 3 million mark...

111. Greece and the many changes in the Trump administration

112. Ancient mariners: Greek navy offers taste of life in galleys

113. Alpha Bank Cyprus unloads NPLs worth €400 million€400-million

114. Plan B for FYROM and more US bases in Greece

115. British woman in Limassol detained over thyroid meds

A British woman living in Limassol has been detained on Thursday after police found a large quantity of unlicensed metabolic medicine during a house search...

116. Solution from abroad for J&P Overseas

117. Greece urges US to expand military presence in Larissa, Volos, Alexandroupoli

118. With Israel in Washington

119. Whatever Guterres says he will be met with a yes

Last week was reminiscent of aerial dogfights even though there are essentially no Cypriot fighter jets here. We can put this down as a snag, but there’s a bigger issue here that pales in comparison to what lies ahead...

120. Bank share plunge fuels fears about Greece's vulnerability