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21 March, 2019


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1. Lebanon warns against EastMed gas pipeline

2. Leaders hold informal meeting

3. Jeffrey Sachs: The 2019 Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture

4. Pantelides - Sözen‏: Swiss governance model instead of bizonal federation‏-swiss-governance-model-instead-of-bizonal-federation

5. The Guterres Framework

6. Tsipras, Zaev nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

7. Optimism an elusive concept party leaders argue

8. President briefs National Council on Cyprus talks

9. Unofficial report says UNFICYP stays

10. Spehar holds meetings with leaders before departing for New York

11. Government expects UNFICYP mandate to be renewed

12. Systematic and methodical

13. UN envoy likely to meet President on Sunday

14. The cool waters of the eastern Mediterranean

Andreas Paraschos - The UN Secretary General saw in June 2017 the rejection of a Solution Framework and now he is bringing it back with a 90-day timeline, which is plenty of time to sort out answers to some big energy questions...

15. The critical presidential question

Andreas Paraschos takes a closer look at the latest political developments on the Cyprus issue, following a presidential press conference that left many with a smug on their face ...

16. Cheryl Pearce of Australia appointed new UNFICYP Commander

17. Food for Thought

18. Jane Holl Lute to meet Cyprus leaders today

19. Prospects for a Cyprus settlement 'remain alive' Guterres tells Security Council

20. 'Loose' federation and philology of two states: What is valid and what is not

21. Manoeuvres to avoid deadlock and to enable Turkey flexibility

22. Whatever Guterres says he will be met with a yes

Last week was reminiscent of aerial dogfights even though there are essentially no Cypriot fighter jets here. We can put this down as a snag, but there’s a bigger issue here that pales in comparison to what lies ahead...

23. Turkish FM Cavusoglu insists on two state solution for Cyprus

24. Anxiety over Cyprus peace talks

25. President Anastasiades determined for resumption of Cyprus talks

26. Dherynia and Lefka crossing points ready in October

27. President: Failure in a new round of peace talks might change the basis of the dialogue

28. Anastasiades touches base with Tsipras

President Nicos Anastasiades is on a day visit Monday morning to Athens to meet Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, just ten days before a number of meetings take place during the UN General Assembly, in New York...

29. End of an era might be near for UNFICYP warns Cyprus negotiator

30. UK parties declare support for Cyprus reunification

The main British political parties, as well as a pro-Cypriot group of MPs, have reiterated their support for the reunification of the island in recent statements addressed to the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK...