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1. Product with an expiry date

2. Angela Merkel in Athens

3. Greek PM and German Chancellor discuss the Cyprus problem

4. Merkel expresses support for reform effort, Prespes deal

On her first visit to Athens in four years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday expressed her support for the Prespes name deal as well as Greece’s ongoing economic reform efforts, saying the country was entering a new phase....

5. Greece can count on Germany, Merkel tells Kathimerini

6. Hackers leak German Politicians' personal data

7. Unfavourable climate in the EU

8. May: Does this house want to deliver Brexit?

9. Europe may need to step up sanctions on Russia over Ukraine - Merkel ally

10. Grexit plan was no bluff, French ex-president tells Kathimerini

11. The critical presidential question

Andreas Paraschos takes a closer look at the latest political developments on the Cyprus issue, following a presidential press conference that left many with a smug on their face ...

12. Democracy or nightmare

Free press and democracy in the age of fake news is a subject of paramount importance and so we decided to address this at Kathimerini Cyprus as we mark our ten year anniversary since our first publication on 2 November 2008...

13. Merkel takes the fall leaving Europe without a leader

14. United against racism Germans stage mass protest against far right

15. This is the Balkans

16. Tsipras’s last card

17. Tusk: EU must end migration blame game

18. US warns Moscow is trying to buy off individuals and spread disinformation

19. Merkel endorses Euro clearing move from London to Frankfurt

20. Seizing opportunities

Greece needs to play its cards right if it wants to profit from the opportunities arising on the international stage, but also to keep in mind that all of the big players are unpredictable and the game at hand incredibly complex....

21. Germany offers help to combat Greece fires

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is offering her country's help to fight the forest fires raging in Greece. ...

22. Holding referendums in FYROM and Greece

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is moving ahead with preparations for its referendum on the name deal reached with Athens, which will pave the way for its induction to NATO and remove a major obstacle to the process for it to join the European Union....

23. No more pretexts

The world will never be the same since Donald Trump was installed in the White House. In a sense, his election was unavoidable. Not because matters became unbearable in the last 30 years after the fall of the communist system in Europe. Rather, it was because they became in a way unnatural....

24. EU leaders under pressure to curb migration

European Union leaders meet in Brussels on Thursday to agree new measures to restrict arrivals across the Mediterranean as growing popular discontent over immigration puts pressure on governments from Germany to Italy....

25. Kotzias confirms Tsipras is waiting call from FYROM's Zaev on name talks

Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias confirmed on Monday that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expecting a crucial phone call from his counterpart at the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Zoran Zaev, on the long-running name dispute that has soured the relations between the two countries....

26. Merkel speaks with Tsipras, Zaev over FYROM name talks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel conveyed her country's interest in the developments concerning talks between Athens and Skopje over the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), during a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday....

27. FYROM PM sees solution to name dispute with Greece in June

FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said an agreement between Skopje and Athens to settle a decades-old name dispute could be reached before a European Union summit in June...

28. Europe urges US not to block it from sticking to Iran deal

Britain, Germany and France urged the United States not to take steps that would make life harder for other countries that still want to stick to the Iran nuclear deal that US President Donald Trump has spurned...

29. Macron tells it like it is

Capping a three-day visit, Macron repeatedly criticized Trump’s isolationist principles in a speech to a joint meeting of Congress, an honour given to a small number of visiting foreign leaders...

30. Trump and Macron seek stronger measures on Iran

With a May 12 deadline looming for Trump to decide on restoring US economic sanctions on Tehran, Macron said he spoke to Trump about a “new deal”...