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21 March, 2019


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1. Pass the buck

This was a narrative that they managed to pull through for an entire five-year term in office. Because each time people were losing their calm or reacting towards new measures, the response was 'the Anastasiades government is bringing order to the chaos that it had inherited'...

2. President briefs locals on SBA land use

Local land owners who have properties within the Sovereign Base Areas could be eligible to find foreign buyers or otherwise utilize their property, but not before an environmental study is completed next year...

3. Anastasiades meets May

4. Cyprus - UK ties reaffirmed at Buckingham Palace

5. Anastasiades to meet the Queen

6. ICJ delivers advisory opinion on Mauritius case

7. Cyprus scrambles to salvage halloumi case

Officials in the Republic of Cyprus are scrambling to push forward on the halloumi case, with sources saying the PDO application has become more political than ever...

8. UN Special Envoy holds new meetings with leaders

9. Biker in critical condition in the north

A Greek Cypriot female has been arrested in connection with a traffic accident in north Nicosia, while a 23-year-old male is in critical condition...

10. Anastasiades congratulates Tsipras on ratification of Prespes agreement

11. Turkey to pay damages in Guzelyurtlu case

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights issued a final ruling in the Guzelyurtlu case against Turkey and Turkish Cypriot authorities in the north, holding both financially liable while clearing the Republic of Cyprus over lack of cooperation allegations...

12. Cyprus and Portugal agree to strengthen ties

13. President’s meeting with Lute set for February 3

14. Queen sends Brexit message to bickering politicians

15. From the auditoriums

16. President Anastasiades begins official visit to Slovenia

17. Failure to rise to the occasion

There has always been a shortage of inspired and bold leaders in this place we call home. Putting aside a few odd flares here and there, those who led the country failed to rise to the occasion by being self-absorbed politicians with opportunism embedded in their DNA...

18. Savvas Perdios appointed as first Deputy Minister for Tourism

19. Leaders meet anew with Lute today

20. Spehar: Cyprus should engage with Lute in a creative and constructive manner

21. UN envoy likely to meet President on Sunday

22. Paphos bus drivers demand holiday bonus

Bus drivers working for Osypa in Paphos are descending on the capital Tuesday morning to demand their holiday bonus, with the government calling on the company to stick to the rules and not victimize its own staff...

23. Paphos bus drivers issue ultimatum

Bus drivers in Paphos have warned officials that if no positive developments take place on Monday to resolve a wage dispute, they plan to drive their buses outside the Presidential Palace on Tuesday...

24. Anastasiades: Ready to resume a 'creative' dialogue

25. Fire breaks out in Nicosia flat

26. William and Kate to visit RAF Akrotiri

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make a brief stop in Cyprus in early December to show support to military and their families...

27. Turkish fighter jets fly over Nicosia

Nicosia skies were pierced by the thunder of two Turkish fighter jets at noon Thursday, marking celebrations in the north while drawing condemnation in the south...

28. Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday

29. The critical presidential question

Andreas Paraschos takes a closer look at the latest political developments on the Cyprus issue, following a presidential press conference that left many with a smug on their face ...

30. Leaders meeting underway