22 January, 2019


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1. Newspaper publisher Themos Anastasiades dies, aged 61

Greek newspaper publisher and journalist Themos Anastasiades died on Tuesday, aged 61, after 18 months of fighting cancer. He published the daily Proto Thema....

2. Labour leader Corbyn curves towards new Brexit referendum

3. Rudolf arrested in the north

Police in the north arrested Balazov Miroslav, known as Rudolf, who is also wanted in the south in connection with a drive-by shooting in late November...

4. Dead souls

If you are not miserable with no scruples or sold out, you don’t just sit down one day to write an article asking the President of the Supreme Court to resign...

5. The perils of extreme behavior

6. Prespes: The rally, the raw numbers, and the day after

7. Foreign support for Tsipras and respect for the opposition

8. 'We will miss you' - Germany pleads with the British to stay in EU

9. From the auditoriums

10. Tsipras wins confidence vote paving the way for Prespes deal

11. Britain at crossroads as parliament rejects Brexit deal

12. Greek Foreign Ministry: Russia undermines Prespes peace deal

13. Brexit vote: May asks MPs to take a second look

14. Brexit is in peril May warns ahead of parliament vote

15. Product with an expiry date

16. Right to dignity

If we agree with Sigmund Freud that “the first requisite of civilization is that of justice” and assume that half of attorney Nicos Clerides’s allegations are true based on his January 11 letter to the Cyprus Bar Association, then you realize that we live in a state where civilization is on a dangerous decline...

17. Unofficial report says UNFICYP stays

18. Sifis booked into jail in the north

One of Cyprus’ top wanted, 40-year-old Greek Cypriot Josef “Sifis” Josef, has been remanded in custody for seven days by a Turkish Cypriot judge...

19. Relations of Injustice: Nepotism in Supreme Court

20. Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots team up to clean Agios Panteleimon (Video)

21. Angela Merkel in Athens

22. Europe without the US

23. President Anastasiades begins official visit to Slovenia

24. Reliable journalism and the influence that comes with it

25. Nikos Mouyiaris, a Greek American leader who cared, and acted

26. Failure to rise to the occasion

There has always been a shortage of inspired and bold leaders in this place we call home. Putting aside a few odd flares here and there, those who led the country failed to rise to the occasion by being self-absorbed politicians with opportunism embedded in their DNA...

27. Hackers leak German Politicians' personal data

28. True to Kathimerini’s history and legacy

29. US foreign policy standing on quicksand

30. Savvas Perdios appointed as first Deputy Minister for Tourism