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1. Egypt - Cyprus electricity connection agreement signed

2. US Congressmen introduce bill that lifts arms embargo on Cyprus

3. Ghosts of history

4. Did someone say Europe?

We are just days away from elections and it seems that we need to be reminded about which elections we are talking about...

5. Trump’s bimonthly report on Cyprus sent to Congress

6. Christofias in critical condition

7. Barnier: The options are deal, no deal or no Brexit

8. The yellow lake

In the last decade of the nineteenth century in America, two influential newspapers - New York World and New York Journal – went all out in a fierce competition that adopted sensationalized news reporting, prompting New York Press affiliates to coin the term yellow journalism...

9. Daughter of DISY founder ambivalent on Kizilyurek

10. Old Greece is waiting around the corner

11. Greek FM urges Ankara to stop its illegal activities in Cyprus

12. Greece reiterates support for Turkey’s EU membership

Notwithstanding rising tension in the Eastern Mediterranean due to Turkey’s plans for offshore drilling operations in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ), Foreign Giorgos Katrougalos has reiterated Greece’s support for Turkey’s European Union ambitions. ...

13. Toxic environment

The elections will be over in a few days and base politics will take their place, along with voter abstention after all ballots are counted. But one thing that cannot be measured is the damage to the rapprochement effort caused by this drawn-out argument...

14. Turkey is waiting for its next opportunity

15. Lakkotrypis: Cyprus energy developments an incentive for Turkey

16. So are we racists?

It’s the latest subject tossed around in various panels, following reports in the foreign media that have zoomed in on all of us...

17. Our “mighty power”

I have said many times that impunity, irresponsibility, and the lack of accountability, have hit hard on our ill-fated society in the last half century and I have documented these misfortunes...

18. Kurd’s extradition hearing cutting it close

The decision whether or not to extradite a Kurdish man wanted by German authorities has been postponed once again, with time running out very quickly for a Larnaca judge...

19. A test for Turkey

20. Cry havoc!

21. Cyprus on track to miss EU recycling targets

22. KOGAS investment in Cyprus a 'new horizon' for economic ties

23. Andreas Ekström and Nikolaos Mavridis to speak at Digital Agenda 19 Summit

24. Justice minister to step down over Mitseros case

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou tendered his resignation on Thursday over criticism aimed at the police for failing to investigate cases of foreign missing women, some of whom were murdered...

25. UN report on Cyprus circulates as official document

26. Ready for prime time?

27. Body count in Mitseros still unknown

Police in Cyprus are scrambling to locate and identify bodies of foreign women following the arrest of a suspected serial killer, while the total number of slain victims is unknown with critics accusing law enforcement of not doing enough...

28. New IRA 'apologizes' for killing of Northern Ireland journalist

29. Way forward in Greek-Turkish relations uncertain

30. Senator Menendez and the Greek Americans