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18 February, 2019


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1. Our View: Auditor’s actions lack moral compass

2. This is not the time to stir the Greece-Turkey pot

3. Attorney General speaks to Kathimerini

4. The Importance of Integrity

5. Greeks and Jews

6. Greece after Prespes

7. Hourican spells it out

8. Prespes: The rally, the raw numbers, and the day after

9. Supreme Court condemns 'unprovoked' accusations

10. Right to dignity

If we agree with Sigmund Freud that “the first requisite of civilization is that of justice” and assume that half of attorney Nicos Clerides’s allegations are true based on his January 11 letter to the Cyprus Bar Association, then you realize that we live in a state where civilization is on a dangerous decline...

11. The constructive ambiguity of the Cyprus problem

12. An attack against freedom of the press

13. Spehar: Cyprus should engage with Lute in a creative and constructive manner

14. Volunteers to help restore Agios Panteleimonas Monastery

15. Child molester bill heads to Cabinet

A new tough bill on sex offenders is in the works that would give judges more leeway in setting terms for convicted child molesters who get out of jail, including where they can live and whether they can access online porn...

16. Two worlds in conflict

17. US must reassess Turkey policy, analyst says

The US should reassess its Turkey policy as the two NATO allies no longer share common interests and values, according to a report published by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank....

18. State chemist unable to check for rat poison

A dog owner is raising questions over the test capabilities at the state’s chemistry labs, following a case where one of his employees might have also been affected by rat poison...

19. Others ready to host kids, if Zygi won’t

Two communities have stepped up to the plate to signal their readiness to welcome refugee unaccompanied minors following recent protests in Zygi, but state officials insist on original location due to approved funding...

20. Interview with Jaap Winter professor of international and corporate law at Vrije University

21. The end of political totems

22. NGO says trafficking victims lack support

Recent law enforcement operations against human and sex trafficking in Cyprus drew attention to a number of additional problems, including waning state support and landlords refusing to rent homes to trafficked women...

23. Weak Greek economy threatened by world unrest

24. Religious leaders welcome meeting between Anastasiades and Akinci

25. Spehar: Anastasiades-Akinci meeting a significant step

26. Persuasion and force

27. Cyprus police bet on behavioural science

Cyprus police is betting on behavioural sciences in another effort to combat crime, drawing on experts and techniques reminiscent of CSI shows on television...

28. United against racism Germans stage mass protest against far right

29. Nobel Prize in Economics awarded to Nordhaus and Romer

30. Ticking bombs