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1. Cyprus working with France to expand naval base

2. Cyprus on track to miss EU recycling targets

3. Tusk: The EU stands united behind Cyprus

4. France urges Ankara to avoid provocations in Cyprus waters

5. Ready for prime time?

6. New prospects for East Med

The “Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act” submitted to the US Congress by Senators Robert Menendez and Marco Rubio that essentially upgrades the geopolitical roles of Greece and Cyprus is seen in Athens as a reflection of Washington’s renewed interest and growing involvement in the region. ...

7. The Israeli elections and Greece

8. Working with Israel and Jewish Americans

9. Crete’s power supply remains vulnerable without EuroAsia Interconnector

10. Action plan on Greek-Romanian cooperation agreed

The governments of Romania and Greece on Friday agreed on an action plan reflecting the priorities of the bilateral agenda that establishes a clear long-term cooperation strategy between the two countries in all areas of activity, Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said....

11. A Greek prime minister at the White House

12. Ackermann buys 400,000 shares in Bank of Cyprus

13. US Senate highlights Greece's geostrategic significance

n a resolution on the occasion of the 198th anniversary of Greek independence, the US Senate has emphasized Greece's geostrategic significance and hailed the enhanced framework of bilateral cooperation between the two countries....

14. Westward Bound

15. Turkey’s threats and Greece’s strength

16. Reuters: US may soon pause delivery of F-35s to Turkey

17. The influence of Greek Americans and relations with Turkey

18. Israeli Ambassador: US participation in Jerusalem summit a strong sign of support

19. Interview with German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen

20. New US Ambassador to Cyprus presents credentials

21. Critics must put their money where their mouth is

22. Turkey cannot become an EU member, says EPP's Weber

Turkey cannot become a member of the European Union, said Manfred Weber, the European Peoples Party’s (EPP) lead candidate for the upcoming European elections, adding that he would end accession talks if he becomes European Commission president. ...

23. SYRIZA has realized that Greece belongs to the West

24. MTN and Huawei put heads together

MTN Cyprus has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei to kickstart research trials and facilitate a smooth transition to a 5G network...

25. Interview with Egyptian Ambassador Mai Taha Mohamed Khalil

26. Israel: East Med pipeline “could be one of the greatest underwater projects in the world”

27. Egypt - Cyprus agreement for Block 12 gas field attracts great investor interest

28. Tsipras, Erdogan stick to positions after Ankara talks

29. The Importance of Integrity

30. France backs Cyprus’ search for gas amid Turkey opposition