17 February, 2019


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1. Israel: East Med pipeline “could be one of the greatest underwater projects in the world”

2. Egypt - Cyprus agreement for Block 12 gas field attracts great investor interest

3. Tsipras, Erdogan stick to positions after Ankara talks

4. The Importance of Integrity

5. France backs Cyprus’ search for gas amid Turkey opposition

6. Wess Mitchell and the musical chairs in the Trump foreign policy team

7. The secret for a successful business reorganization

In the business universe, there are two available structures for organizations to emerge, organically and externally through mergers and acquisitions...

8. Trump threatens Turkey with economic devastation if it attacks Kurds

9. Angela Merkel in Athens

10. Europe without the US

11. Wess Mitchell sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus

12. Explain this to an outsider

Andreas Paraschos writes about the state of impunity in Cyprus, where private citizens, the media, and politicians all beat around the bush on issues of impunity that are spectacularly clear to outsiders...

13. Key points in US Defense Secretary's resignation letter

14. NYT: Chinese hackers infiltrated Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs systems

15. Cyprus and UK sign new pension protocol

16. Strategic ties with US, increased role in Balkans, East Med

17. We welcome cooperation with like-minded countries Israeli Ambassador says

18. US official sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus drilling

19. United States - Greece strategic dialogue joint statement

20. The deepening US-Greece strategic relationship

21. Energy talks on cards in Tsipras visit to Moscow

22. Israeli minister urges Airbnb boycott, talks up rival service

23. Auditing and Renewable Sources of Energy in Cyprus

In a world where the focus is on ‘going green’ the role of renewable sources of energy is becoming increasingly significant. It would therefore be hard to ignore some of the initiatives set out by the European Union with regards to these renewable sources of energy...

24. Greece in the new East Med regional security scheme

25. Exxon Mobil begins drilling

26. US must reassess Turkey policy, analyst says

The US should reassess its Turkey policy as the two NATO allies no longer share common interests and values, according to a report published by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank....

27. Radical change in our region

28. US and Cyprus sign statement of intent on security cooperation

29. Commissioner Hahn calls for end to Turkey’s EU accession talks

30. Foreign Minister in USA for meetings with Pompeo, Bolton, Haley