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1. 10th Economic Ideas Forum takes on Cyprus economic reforms

2. President stands by Finance Minister

3. Cyprus establishes energy investment fund

4. New law brings gas prices down

Fuel prices fell by 6 cents on Tuesday in the Republic of Cyprus, just days after the House approved new legislation to ease the burden of many consumers who sought cheaper gas in the north...

5. House passes state budget for 2019

The House of Representatives Plenary on Friday approved by majority voting the 2019 state budget, that provides for a surplus amounting 3% of GDP...

6. Fuel prices to drop by 6 cents

7. Unfavourable climate in the EU

8. Finance Minister: Promoting reforms must be a national goal

9. Finance Minister: Slogans and populism do not create jobs

10. Cyprus: Surplus of 842 million euros in ten months

11. Finance Minister: Fiscal stability must be preserved

12. Difficult decisions brought about positive results in the economy, President says

13. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

14. Fund Management a 'new beginning' for Cyprus

15. Grexit plan was no bluff, French ex-president tells Kathimerini

16. Economic growth in Cyprus remains strong

17. There is no economic bubble says Finance Minister

18. Fiscal Council: Construction sector growth will not continue indefinitely

19. Eurostat confirms Cyprus 1.8% budget surplus

20. Fitch Ratings upgrades Cyprus to investment grade

21. Cyprus 2019 budget to create 3% surplus

22. IMF: The Cypriot economy continues its rapid recovery from the 2012–13 financial crisis–13-financial-crisis

23. Additional revenues of 4.7 billion euros needed to reach targets

The Greek government will have to collect additional tax revenues of 4.7 billion euros in the first post-bailout period of enhanced supervision (2018-2022) by its creditors, in order to achieve the agreed primary surpluses and record surpluses....

24. Come back, support Greece

We are caught between celebrations over Greece’s “clean exit” from the bailout programs on one hand and, on the other, allegations that the country has effectively signed up to what can be considered a “fourth memorandum” and is headed to economic disaster....

25. Shadows loom over government’s ‘clean exit’ scenario‘clean-exit-scenario

Greece’s bailout exit has been eliciting condescending and bitter commentary on the country’s beaches and in its near-deserted cities, as few Greeks believes their lives are going to improve or that the country’s prospects will be akin to those of other bailed-out eurozone states. Greece’s “return to normalcy” and “clean exit,” much touted by the government, appear to be happening somewhere else....

26. The mistakes of Greece’s creditors

A lot has been said about the mistakes made by Greece’s lenders during the bailout programs. The fact is they made many errors, including some serious ones. Meanwhile, Greek politicians were responsible for refusing to take ownership of the required reforms and failing to reach a degree of basic consensus. ...

27. Hot weather still a Cyprus gold mine

Inbound visitors drawn to the island spend more money than what outbound locals spend overseas, and a study says it is because of the warm climate...

28. Investing in knowledge

A growth rate of 1.9 percent is way too small for a country like Greece, especially as the rest of Europe’s performance is so much more robust. This is, after all, a country that shed 25 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) in the course of a decade. What we should be seeing, therefore, is the effect of a tightly wound spring, whereby a virtuous cycle of growth begins and only gets faster with time. Instead, we’re hobbling along at 1.9 percent, the slowest rate an economy can achieve after hitting rock bottom....

29. Government exploring ways to suspend pension cuts

The government is hoping that surpluses at the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) will allow the non-implementation of pre-legislated pension cuts on January 1 next year....

30. Take-away lessons from 'Cyprus in the digital agenda'

Cyprus is turning the page in the digital age era but there are still many steps in the path forward. This appears to be the general conclusion from Thursday’s conference on "Cyprus in the Digital Agenda" organised by Kathimerini newspaper and the SPP MEDIA Group...