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1. Who wants to be Britain's next prime minister?

2. US backs Cyprus’s right to develop resources, Pyatt says

Washington supports Cyprus’s right to develop its resources in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said Thursday....

3. After cabinet backing, May girds for Brexit battle in parliament

4. May's opponents vow to thwart Brexit deal as Britain agrees on divorce terms with EU

5. At least 42 fatalities tallied in California's deadliest wildfire ever

6. Macron: Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism

7. Watch video of Trump clashing with CNN's Jim Acosta

8. In setback for Trump Democrats seize US House control

9. The end of political totems

10. US reimposes oil and financial sanctions against Iran

11. How politicians are using immigration to scare voters

12. Obama, Clinton, Soros among targets of bombs ahead of U.S. election

13. Turkey searches Saudi consulate again, as world condemns Saudi Arabia

14. Exxon Mobil is placing big bets on China’s soaring liquefied natural gas demand

15. Greece and the many changes in the Trump administration

16. Michael strengthens into extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane

17. US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley quits

18. Opinion: Cyprus heaven bashing must end

19. From reality TV to the UN, Trump to wield Security Council gavel

20. North Korea's Kim agrees to permanently abolish key missile facilities

21. Cypriot Ambassador presents credentials at the White House

Cypriot Ambassador Marios Lysiotis presented his letters of credence to US President Donald Trump...

22. US warns Moscow is trying to buy off individuals and spread disinformation

23. Obama slums Trump

Former US President Barack Obama assailed President Donald Trump and Republicans on Friday, urging Democrats to deliver a check on the administration’s “abuses of power” and restore a sense of sanity to politics by voting in November’s elections...


25. Requiem for an establishment

26. Trump warns Syria, Russia and Iran not to attack Idlib

27. Turkish Cypriots to touch base with Ankara

Turkish Cypriot officials are reportedly getting ready for a trip to Ankara where they will discuss the Turkish economic crisis and its impact on the northern part of the island...

28. Mueller has until Wednesday to decide on Cyprus counts

US special counsel Robert Mueller has until Wednesday to decide whether to retry Paul Manafort on charges involving Cyprus accounts that failed to yield a conviction after a holdout juror...

29. Seizing opportunities

Greece needs to play its cards right if it wants to profit from the opportunities arising on the international stage, but also to keep in mind that all of the big players are unpredictable and the game at hand incredibly complex....

30. US-Turkish tensions add to regional risk

US-Turkish relations have never been easy to manage. But the current standoff between Washington and Ankara is striking, even by the standards of an historically difficult relationship....