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21 March, 2019


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1. Turkey expects delivery of F-35s in November

2. Brexit set for delay after Parliament deadlock

3. Lead poisoning suspected in flamingo death

A Larnaca city councilor says the death of a flamingo last month in his town was not natural but caused by lead poisoning...

4. Cyprus - UK ties reaffirmed at Buckingham Palace

5. Arrest linked to Anthoupoli overdose death

Police arrested a male suspect on Thursday in connection with an ongoing investigation regarding a dead body found in a field west of Nicosia last week...

6. Five arrested near buffer zone

Five people were arrested on Wednesday near the buffer zone after a car seen in the Potamia area was flagged down by police...

7. Indian housemaid in Nicosia hung out to dry

A female housemaid from India was ordered to pay a €500 fine after a judge found her guilty of stealing €20 from her employers, a charge she vehemently denies to this day...

8. Plot thickens in massage parlor case

A Chinese man, who denies trafficking charges in Limassol following a police bust at his massage parlor, had used his money and residency status as an investor to set up his business...

9. Hospital roiled by turmoil in baby girl’s case

Authorities and news media were on the receiving end of public outrage on Thursday, following reports of unsubstantiated rape allegations of a baby girl that led to the arrest of her father...

10. Cypriot bond yields tumble after stellar bond sale

11. CMA fires back at whistleblower doctor

The medical council of the Cyprus Medical Association has dismissed allegations from a former member, who accused his colleagues of undermining efforts to implement GESY...

12. Lightning strikes power plant in the north

A power plant in the north was struck by lightning on Thursday morning, leaving segments of the population without electricity...

13. Requiem for the Missing

When I was writing in 1994 the lyrics to a song called “Tou Vagori” about 1619 missing persons in Cyprus, I never expected less than a year later I would be discovering completely by accident that the correct number was not 1619 and the Missing were not just Greek Cypriots...

14. Optimism an elusive concept party leaders argue

15. Nicosia teen says she was raped

A teenage girl, who is frequently reported as missing from her Nicosia foster home, says she was raped in an abandoned area and then driven back into town...

16. Officials alarmed over deactivated reservists

Thousands of Greek Cypriot men do not show up for reserve military service, with the auditor general sounding the alarm over a vast majority of cases not being properly documented...

17. Tsipras, Erdogan stick to positions after Ankara talks

18. Tsipras visits Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

19. UN Special Envoy holds new meetings with leaders

20. Man accused of sexually molesting stepdaughter

A man from Limassol accused of sexually molesting his 17-year-old stepdaughter is in remanded custody until his criminal trial in March...

21. Dog burned alive in Larnaca

Social media users woke up to a horrific animal cruelty story out of Larnaca, with pictures of a dead dog posted on Facebook showing it was burned alive inside a cage...

22. Greece after Prespes

23. Queen sends Brexit message to bickering politicians

24. New warrants issued in gay adoption case

Cyprus police have issued international arrest warrants in four countries against two men in connection with an illegal child adoption...

25. Ferry operators keen on Cyprus flag

26. Greek Foreign Ministry: Russia undermines Prespes peace deal

27. Bank of Cyprus: Developments create toxic atmosphere

28. Unofficial report says UNFICYP stays

29. Tsipras to call confidence vote this week

30. Jaguar Land Rover to cuts 4500 UK jobs