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20 February, 2019


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1. Egypt - Cyprus agreement for Block 12 gas field attracts great investor interest

2. Nicosia cop arrested on racketeering charges

Three men, including a police officer, have been arrested on racketeering charges following allegations by a construction company owner who says the suspects threatened him...

3. Bank of Cyprus sells NPEs amounting to €34 million to APS Delta€34-million-to-aps-delta

4. Greek tankers have loads confiscated in Venezuela

5. US charges Huawei with bank fraud, theft of trade secrets

6. New call centre falling behind

The call centre that was launched three months ago in a government effort to upgrade public services has had a false start, prompting the Finance Ministry to send out urgent cables to civil servants...

7. Fake job recruiter in Cypriot custody

A Tunisian man who has been convicted of fraud in Greece has been extradited to Cyprus, where he is accused of conning nearly 500 people by making empty job promises in France...

8. Big surprise at Nicosia Mall revealed

The name of a surprise entry at the Nicosia Mall has been made public, pinning IKEA directly against another Scandinavian competitor...

9. Explain this to an outsider

Andreas Paraschos writes about the state of impunity in Cyprus, where private citizens, the media, and politicians all beat around the bush on issues of impunity that are spectacularly clear to outsiders...

10. Britain to shake up Big Four accountants

11. Paphos bus drivers demand holiday bonus

Bus drivers working for Osypa in Paphos are descending on the capital Tuesday morning to demand their holiday bonus, with the government calling on the company to stick to the rules and not victimize its own staff...

12. PWC for citizenship by investment due diligence

13. LNG to diversify Cyprus energy market

14. Trump tweets China to cut tax on US cars

15. Bloomberg reports on J&P Overseas downfall

16. Auditing and Renewable Sources of Energy in Cyprus

In a world where the focus is on ‘going green’ the role of renewable sources of energy is becoming increasingly significant. It would therefore be hard to ignore some of the initiatives set out by the European Union with regards to these renewable sources of energy...

17. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

18. Exxon Mobil to start drilling this week

19. Runaway expectant mother found

Police have located the 7-month pregnant woman who walked away from Makarios Children’s Hospital while she was under a mental health watch...

20. Akamas wildfire contained

A wildfire that broke out Wednesday morning near Akamas forest has been contained, but officials said it could have been a lot worse...

21. Nicosia cops trying to locate pregnant woman

Authorities are on the lookout for a 7-month pregnant woman who was under a mental health watch when she got up and walked away from Makarios Children’s Hospital in Nicosia...

22. Google staff walk out over women’s harassment and inequality

23. State launches new call centre

Members of the public who need to call the government regarding their citizen cases can now call the 1434 national number to get more information or submit a support ticket...

24. Turkey hires Schlumberger for offshore drilling support

25. Cyprus worried over migrants cheating the system

The head of the anti-trafficking unit in Cyprus, Rita Superman, says some migrants know how to cheat the system citing past examples of child marriages from Syria and women falsely seeking human trafficking protections...

26. Shaket seeking to 'nationalize' orthodox church land

27. Exxon Mobil is placing big bets on China’s soaring liquefied natural gas demand

28. Police bust network selling illegal goods

A police officer has been arrested in connection with a case involving fraud and theft, where two phone company employees supplied him with illegal goods for sale on the internet...

29. Solution from abroad for J&P Overseas

30. Taxation in a Digital Economy