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19 June, 2019


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1. Bank culture should change Central Bank Governor says

2. Eurobank posts €10 million first quarter profit€10-million-first-quarter-profit

3. IMF: Cyprus economic recovery gradually decelerating but remains strong

4. Monnet or Orban?

When a vision ceases to create prosperity for the great masses it suddenly becomes a nightmare...

5. Cyprus 'one of the success stories of ESM'

6. The yellow lake

In the last decade of the nineteenth century in America, two influential newspapers - New York World and New York Journal – went all out in a fierce competition that adopted sensationalized news reporting, prompting New York Press affiliates to coin the term yellow journalism...

7. DBRS reaffirms Cyprus’s rating

8. CBC ready to examine ambiguities in AML laws

9. Agia Fyla co-op scandal ends with acquittals

Four defendants in the Agia Fyla credit union scandal have been acquitted on all charges, with criminal judges citing failure on the part of the police to prosecute the case...

10. K. Treppides & Co Ltd: Income Tax Law Amendments

The House of Representatives voted on 5 April 2019, a series of provisions amending the Income Tax Law which were published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on 25 April 2019...

11. BOC leadership change will not disrupt momentum Ackermann says

12. Bank of Cyprus posts profit amid CEO departure

13. A tear for Notre Dame

14. Stage is set for early clearance of costly IMF loans

The decision for the early repayment of part of the International Monetary Fund loans to Greece is expected to feature in talks Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos will have in Washington on Friday with the Fund’s Managing Director Christine Lagarde, as well as the head of the IMF’s European Department, Poul Thomsen. ...

15. Erdogan pays electoral price for Turkey's tumbling economy

16. IMF warns of 'increasing headwinds to sustained growth'

17. Ackermann buys 400,000 shares in Bank of Cyprus

18. Big decisions ahead for Bank of Cyprus

19. Fitch Upgrades Hellenic Bank

20. Pass the buck

This was a narrative that they managed to pull through for an entire five-year term in office. Because each time people were losing their calm or reacting towards new measures, the response was 'the Anastasiades government is bringing order to the chaos that it had inherited'...

21. ECB approves Bank of Cyprus Helix plan

22. 10th Economic Ideas Forum takes on Cyprus economic reforms

23. The highest price to pay

I apologize for writing in first person but when something so self-evident ends up being ignored even by our very own institutions, then allow me to hark back to the three flaws that keep this place miserable...

24. Baker Tilly Annual Restructuring Summit

Baker Tilly Cyprus held its first annual restructuring summit at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia, drawing on the expertise of banking professionals, company directors and restructuring specialists...

25. Finance Minister speaks to Euronews on Cooperative sale

26. President stands by Finance Minister

27. Cooperative Anathema: Dissolution or sale

28. Project Helix, Differed tax, prop up Bank of Cyprus results

29. Bank of Cyprus - New CEO and Chairman in 2019

30. Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourican moves on