22 January, 2019


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1. UNFICYP report: Both sides demonstrated incomplete cooperation with the mission

2. Council of Europe briefed on Cyprus justice developments

3. Erdogan refuses to meet with Bolton

4. US foreign policy standing on quicksand

5. How Trump's phone call to Erdogan changed the Syrian war

6. Wess Mitchell sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus

7. The constructive ambiguity of the Cyprus problem

8. The end of history

How can we expect an average citizen making €1000 each month to get involved in the Cyprus problem as they sit comfortably with their multiple pensions but have no guts to speak their mind...

9. US retreats from Syria as Trump rebuffs top advisers

10. US official sends clear message to Turkey over Cyprus drilling

11. CBC introduce sharper rules against the so-called “Shell and Letterbox Companies”

The central bank of Cyprus has redefined the definitions of the so-called “shell and letterbox companies”, in an attempt to tighten the directive for the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing...

12. US probe of China's Huawei includes bank fraud accusations

13. US official says in interview FYROM could join NATO by 2020

The United States expects the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to join NATO in mid-2020 by which time its name change deal with Greece should be fully implemented despite Russian efforts to undermine it, the top US official for the Western Balkans said on Tuesday....

14. Exxon Mobil begins drilling

15. US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy visits Cyprus

16. May's opponents vow to thwart Brexit deal as Britain agrees on divorce terms with EU

17. Christodoulides meets US National Security Advisor John Bolton

18. Radical change in our region

19. In setback for Trump Democrats seize US House control

20. US and Cyprus sign statement of intent on security cooperation

21. US reimposes oil and financial sanctions against Iran

22. FM and President offer contradictory statements ahead of Jane Holl Lute meeting

23. Jane Holl Lute to meet Cyprus leaders today

24. Christodoulides to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo next week

25. Profound lack of rationale

The government spokesperson responded to AKEL saying discussion over possible decentralization in no way did it change the president's aim of federation, but the introductory paragraph was filled with irony...

26. Obama, Clinton, Soros among targets of bombs ahead of U.S. election

27. US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell to visit Cyprus

28. Turkey searches Saudi consulate again, as world condemns Saudi Arabia

29. Greece and the many changes in the Trump administration

30. Plan B for FYROM and more US bases in Greece