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16 August, 2022

ECOMMBX earns Great Place to Work® Certification

ECOMMBX is proud to announce that it has earned the coveted Great Place to Work® Certification with flying score, which is likely to be among the top – if not the highest – scores for this year.

Great Place to Work® is a research and management consulting company specializing in corporate culture. Over the past 30 years Great Place to Work® has been cooperating with reputable and industry leading companies around the world. It currently maintains offices in 70 countries across 5 continents, and assesses almost 10,000 enterprises and more than 20 million employees each year, making it the largest conductor of surveys focusing on corporate culture. Certification and the final scores are based on employees’ experience, which is collated via the Trust Index© Survey to verify if a company meets the criteria that allow it to qualify as an employer of choice.

ECOMMBX’s certification, and in particular the high score, is the result of a deliberate policy that is based on a simple fact: happy employees perform better. From day one, ECOMMBX commits to offering every individual every possible opportunity to learn, grow and develop to their full potential. Talents are recognized, skills are taught, and experience is shared. However, there is one factor that sets ECOMMBX apart from most. As HR Manager Katiana Moussa put it, “Essentially, work-life balance is what nurtures our corporate culture. Simple examples include things like offering a flexible starting time, work-from-home options, and the recently introduced 4-day week. However, what differentiates us from the crowd is the shared spirit of support. We work side by side; we lift each other up during the hard times and share the happy times – both on a personal and on a professional level.”

Such an approach is only feasible if it works not just both ways – between employer and employees – but in all directions across the organization. To that end, ECOMMBX’s recruitment process focuses on choosing people who share the same values, ethos, drive and commitment. The combination of business growth and employee satisfaction demonstrates that ECOMMBX is on the right track.


Established in Cyprus in 2016, ECOMMBX specializes in B2B e-account management, cross-border payments and competitive currency conversions. To ensure the most cost-effective and efficient execution of e-banking transactions, the company’s innovative serving model is based on four cornerstones: Advanced technology that connects to the global banking industry, customized connections with banking partners around the world, stringent security and maximum speed. The result is satisfied customers that rely on ECOMMBX for top-notch service.

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