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Dead souls

The shiny sea turned out to be a swamp in the heart of the kingdom of justice

Andreas Paraschos

Andreas Paraschos

If you are not miserable with no scruples or sold out, you don’t just sit down one day to write an article asking the President of the Supreme Court to resign. But I did, because I was bought out by my own conscience.

And the reason was the attorney general’s written statement dated 15 Jan 2019 that made a reference to the Chief Justice saying: “what is worrying is that, as it turned out after the ruling, close relatives of the President of the Appeals Court and Supreme Court, whose deciding vote brought about an acquittal for the Bank, were his daughter and his sister who stood to gain from an out-of-court settlement following their lawsuit against the bank in connection with their claims in a case of deposits turned into securities.”

All this went down with the attorney general drawing up on paper such a serious accusation against the President of the Supreme Court and the chief justice simply replying that “everything was absolutely legal.” And the rest of the twelve Supreme Court Judges not only did they not address the issue on 14/01/2019 - as they did in other cases of their colleagues who were mentioned in the letter by attorney Nicos Clerides - but they also made it known that their position on Judge Nicolatos was that “any cases of family relatives of the Chief Justice will be addressed in a statement to be issued by himself.”

So it was as clear as day that something was rotten in the kingdom of justice, to paraphrase Hamlet just a little bit. And strictly based on my own assessment, what was rotten became clear a few days later through statements made by Nicolatos’ daughter as well as details made public referring to hundreds of other settlement cases with Nicolatos’ daughter not being the only one!

And yet, Myron Nicolatos is an exceptional case and so he has to be scrutinized both in the cases of his daughter and his sister, just like other Supreme Court judges under scrutiny who had to declare the substance and not get caught up in trial technicalities.

That was until someone started to make waves and a horrible stench suddenly began to emerge from the depths of the swamp

I am neither a judge nor a lawyer, but as a parent I happen to know that if I want to withdraw or move around money from the bank that belongs to my underage child, I would need a signature from the mother and permission from the court, otherwise I am subject to criminal prosecution.

But Myron Nicolatos, thinking he was above the court, he acted based on his own legal intellect following the principle “we run the show” and the other twelve judges most likely chose to keep their mouth shut.

Apparently some of the judges – not all of them, I’m sure – are out of touch with the average citizen and they have insulted our intelligence to such a degree that it has started to deflect onto their own faces.

And yet, they keep insisting on staying put and refusing to resign. This is why Justice in our homeland is in much need of reform at the very core.

I would like so much for someone to rise above the fray in this state system of ours, the likes of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) - possibly the greatest politician/thinker of the 20th century who once said “be the change that you wish to see in the world” when he used the power of his intellect to kick out the British empire from India.

But unfortunately our judges, just like most of our politicians, kept their eye on a shiny and glossy surface telling themselves it was a shining sea, a solid surface they could use for traveling from their base on Mount Olympus all the way to the Land of Fire.

That was until someone started to make waves and a horrible stench suddenly began to emerge from the depths of the swamp, making it impossible even for them to tolerate the bad smell.

As for travel, forget about it. You see, the swamp is only good for dead souls. My poor homeland.


The article was first published by Kathimerini Cyprus on 20 January 2019

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