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Cops warn of ‘nasty surprises’ from con artists

Limassol police investigate case where a man passed counterfeit €100 bills and got change too


Police are urging the public to be cautious with their money transactions, following complaints that an unidentified male had been using fake €100 bills to purchase small items and get change too.

According to Limassol police, four complaints were filed on Tuesday in connection with a male customer who bought low-priced items in commercial stores and paid with counterfeit €100 notes.

The man is believed to have used the fake bills in a number of incidents, including the incidents in the complaints where he received change totaling €257.86.

The suspect is described in a police report as male with a slim build, between 30 and 35 years old, with short dark hair. He was also described as speaking in Greek with an accident, although witnesses could not be more specific.

Cops are reminding members of the public who still use cash in their daily transactions to be extra careful in order to “avoid nasty surprises,” according to an official statement.

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