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Critics furious over ‘gynic rules’ for Green Line cops

Eyebrows raised as bill calls for gynecological clearance for female officers but no evaluation for gun ownership


Rules referring to gynecological restrictions for female border cops in Cyprus are raising eyebrows, with critics crying foul over the measure while ridiculing the lack of mental evaluation for gun possession.

New legislation in the works that would allow some 300 individuals to become private police officers tasked with immigration and border security has been up for debate during a House committee hearing this week, following strong reactions from police unions who insist patrol guards ought to join law enforcement proper and undergo similar evaluations.

But local media also picked up on another issue this week after it emerged that the proposed legislation text included language that referred to rejections of candidates with gynecological problems.

Critics pounced on the language of the bill saying there was neither clarification on the definition of gynecological problems nor any indication on the degree of any medical issue that could lead to a female candidate being selected or not.

MPs called on the authors to clarify the gynecological restrictions while others demanded that the bill reflect more accurately both gynic and andric medical criteria as they relate to job duties

Police union members argued the vague gynic rules “would undoubtedly lead to gender discrimination” while they also expressed frustration that the bill did not include mandated mental health assessments prior to gun ownership.

Members on the committee called on the authors of the legislation to clarify the gynecological restrictions, while others demanded that the bill reflect more accurately both gynic and andric medical criteria only as they relate to the ability of candidates to carry out their job duties.

Other MPs went as far as to say gynecological restrictions would be illegal.

According to local media, the proposed bill states that physical and mental ability criteria shall concern all candidates, while a special clause requires female candidates to “submit a medical certificate from a gynecologist who can verify they do not have any problems of a gynecological nature.”

The government has been looking for ways to hire patrol officers to help curb undocumented migration flows from the UN buffer zone.

Additional use of modern technology has also been added along the Green Line that separates the recognized Greek Cypriot south from the Turkish Cypriot north recognized by no country except Turkey.

Reports say many asylum seekers fly to the north vias Turkey and cross into the south through illegal points of entry.

Critics suggest that undocumented travelers resort to crossing illegally because guards at Greek Cypriot checkpoints refuse to admit people who seek asylum on the European side of the island.

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