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Nicosia inmate caught with four ‘bumphones’

Prisoner with rectal contraband ordered to pass phones and drugs naturally at the hospital


A local inmate doing time at Nicosia’s Central Prisons was caught with four phones hidden in his rectum as he was being transferred back to his cell.

According to Philenews, a 28-year-old Greek Cypriot man inmate was being transferred back to prison after an appearance before a district judge in Limassol where he faced charges in a drunken driving case.

During the transfer back to the capital’s correctional facility, where the inmate is currently serving a sentence for burglary and theft, he reportedly attempted to return to his jail cell with four phones and drugs hidden in his anus.

But during a routine inspection, guards discovered that the man was hiding something in his body, with reports not being clear whether officers had conducted a cavity search, used an X-Ray machine or switched on a mobile phone detection device.

The inmate was taken to Nicosia General Hospital where he was ordered to pass the contraband naturally through his system. 

Knews understands that certain “buttphones” sold online have been popular with inmates around the world, due to very small size and hard-to-detect materials, some of which are almost entirely made of plastic and could go undetected during routine searches.

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