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1. Greek-US ties and the East Med

By Lieutenant General Thomas Trask On the occasion of his meeting last month with President Donald Trump in Washington, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis remarked how the US-Greece relationship “is the best it ever was. But it can become even better.”...

2. Trump calls off Iran strikes at the last minute

3. Motive behind tanker attacks unclear

4. Europe unites after fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral

5. Greek shipowners agree to pay 75 million annually to state

6. Greek tankers have loads confiscated in Venezuela

7. Strategic ties with US, increased role in Balkans, East Med

8. At least 42 fatalities tallied in California's deadliest wildfire ever

9. Greeks control 20% of global merchant fleet

Greek shipping remains a global leader, controlling 20 percent of the global fleet in deadweight tons (dwt), according to the Union of Greek Shipowners’ annual report for 2017-18...