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91. Reliable journalism and the influence that comes with it

92. Attorney asked to prove bombshell allegations

Attorney Nicos Clerides is being asked to show proof in writing of allegations he made last month regarding children of Supreme Court judges and special interests...

93. True to Kathimerini’s history and legacy

94. Court throws out sexual assault conviction

An elderly man serving jail time for sexually abusing his young granddaughter has won an appeal, with the Supreme Court overturning the sentence citing lack of a fair trial...

95. Greek phlegm and British drama

96. CBC introduce sharper rules against the so-called “Shell and Letterbox Companies”

The central bank of Cyprus has redefined the definitions of the so-called “shell and letterbox companies”, in an attempt to tighten the directive for the prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing...

97. The deepening US-Greece strategic relationship

98. George H.W. Bush and his approach to Greece

99. Outspoken attorney slams judge

High-powered attorney Loukis Loucaides is calling on a Larnaca judge to step down, questioning her competence and accusing her of taking irregular steps when she handed him a four month suspended sentence...

100. The exhausted majority

101. Britons would back 'remain' in new Brexit vote - Channel 4 poll

102. Controversy over urinal still unresolved

A controversial portable urinal for men, in the shape of a naked woman in an explicit sexual position, continues to spark debate in parliament two months after public criticism, with some saying the product goes too far while others say social impact has been overstated...

103. Profound lack of rationale

The government spokesperson responded to AKEL saying discussion over possible decentralization in no way did it change the president's aim of federation, but the introductory paragraph was filled with irony...

104. Opinion: Reaction over US evacuation helicopters in Cyprus unjustified

105. Ticking bombs

106. Opinion: Cyprus heaven bashing must end

107. ‘No’ vote and abstention in FYROM referendum‘no-vote-and-abstention-in-fyrom-referendum

108. Moody's keeps Greek rating unchanged at B3

Moody’s kept Greece's sovereign credit rating unchanged at B3, with a positive outlook, in a credit opinion it issued on Wednesday....

109. Condé Nast International to launch its 25th Vogue in Greece

110. The fall of a post-junta era symbol

111. US warns Moscow is trying to buy off individuals and spread disinformation

112. Government scrambles to counter teacher strike

The government is putting together measures to minimise the impact of next week’s teacher strike, with the education minister saying he is willing to pick things up with the unions from where they were left off at the last handshake...

113. Suspects remanded in sex trafficking case

The five suspects detained Tuesday on sex trafficking charges, including three cops, have been remanded in custody while police did not rule out additional arrests pending the investigation...

114. Missing person’s funeral on hold pending legal debate

A recent case involving partial remains of one of Cyprus missing persons is keeping a family from burying their loved one, as the coroner cannot positively confirm their relative’s death to issue a certificate...


116. Cyprus argues British Military Bases in Cyprus violate UN Charter

117. Seizing opportunities

Greece needs to play its cards right if it wants to profit from the opportunities arising on the international stage, but also to keep in mind that all of the big players are unpredictable and the game at hand incredibly complex....

118. Stephen Lillie: There is only plan A for Cyprus

There is a clear plan A for Cyprus, that of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation solution, and there is no plan B, UK High Commissioner in Nicosia, Stephen Lillie, has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), stressing that “for plan A to succeed the negotiations need to be well prepared, and the public opinion needs to be well prepared” as well....

119. US-Turkish tensions add to regional risk

US-Turkish relations have never been easy to manage. But the current standoff between Washington and Ankara is striking, even by the standards of an historically difficult relationship....

120. The heavy cost of cowardice

I’ve heard a government minister speak about a vital agency of the Greek state and admit that “there’s nothing that can save this department – it ought to be shut down and rebuilt from scratch.”...