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1. Cyprus Shipping Chamber backs EU Shipping Industry positions on EU Green Deal

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber expressed its fully supports the EU Shipping Industry’s positions on the EU Green Deal, noting that the shipping industry is fully committed to eradicating its GHG emissions completely as soon as possible in this century. ...

2. Fuel targets rehash gas price debate

Consumers are crying foul over rising gas prices at the pump, with some resorting to crossing the checkpoints to fill up in the north as the government draws criticism for failing to meet EU energy goals...

3. Renewable power is only part of the solution to meet net-zero targets

4. EY: Renewable energy is taking strides towards a subsidy-free era

The renewable energy sector is entering a new phase of subsidy-free growth across the world, according to the 53rd EY Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI). Mainland China and the US remain at first and second positions respectively on the top 40 ranking, while France moves up two positions to third from fifth, led by a new focus on floating offshore wind capacity and doubling of its annual targets for onshore wind capacity additions...

5. 10th Economic Ideas Forum takes on Cyprus economic reforms

6. New plan to subsidise home solar systems

Home owners who install residential solar power systems will be eligible for state subsidies up to €1000, according to a government plan approved by the Cabinet on Thursday...

7. Interview with Jeffrey Sachs

8. LNG to diversify Cyprus energy market

9. Auditing and Renewable Sources of Energy in Cyprus

In a world where the focus is on ‘going green’ the role of renewable sources of energy is becoming increasingly significant. It would therefore be hard to ignore some of the initiatives set out by the European Union with regards to these renewable sources of energy...

10. Cyprus solar power production on the rise

11. Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to scientists who harnessed the power of evolution

12. World’s largest offshore wind farm opens off northwest England

13. Cyprus energy search – averting a US-Turkey crisis–-averting-a-us-turkey-crisis

Cyprus continues to proceed with offshore oil and gas projects despite Turkey's opposition...

14. Cyprus is open for business and China’s buying

As US President Donald Trump builds barriers to Chinese trade, Cyprus is throwing open the gates...