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Bad Samaritan arrested in Paphos

Police arrest Bulgarian man who stole money after it fell out of a bakery customer’s pocket


A Bulgarian male has been arrested on theft charges after police received a complaint from a man who lost three grand at a bakery in Paphos.

Police on Thursday arrested a 42-year-old Bulgarian national, who is being accused of stealing €2500 in cash and a €700 cheque at a local bakery.

Police told Knews there is no such thing as 'finders keepers' in Cyprus except when finders go to the police and lost property remains unclaimed

Earlier that day, just before 12 noon, a 48-year-old man filed a complaint with police, saying that five €500 bills and a cheque fell out of his pocket.

Police examined security camera footage and released the photo of a suspect, who was later arrested. During a house search, cops found the five €500 bills and the cheque for €700.

Local media said the camera also recorded the victim, who was outside following the incident and appeared to be frantically looking for his money, which was destined for a car purchase according to reports.

During interrogation, the suspect reportedly said had found the money at the bakery. 

No such thing as finders keepers

Police told Knews there is no such thing as “finders keepers” in Cyprus except in good Samaritan cases where finders go to the police and the owner of lost money cannot be found following a proper investigation. In such cases of unclaimed property, there is a possibility of a finder’s award with the rest of the money typically ending up in a state fund.

Police said the suspect will face theft charges, as it was clear he made no effort to locate the owner and showed no intent to return the money.

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