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Cyprus to extradite murder suspect back to UK

Charlie Riddington, who was in custody in the north, handed over to authorities in the south


Charles ‘Charlie’ Riddington, the UK murder suspect who was apprehended in August by Turkish Cypriot authorities, is now in the custody of the Republic of Cyprus.

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Police told Knews that Riddington’s transfer from the north over to the south took place on Friday through the United Nations. The suspect was remanded in custody until Tuesday when he is scheduled to appear in court for his extradition hearing.

Riddington, aged 36, is the main suspect in the murder of 24-year-old George Barker, who was stabbed to death outside a martial arts gym in south London back in 2016.

The suspect was arrested in the north on charges of illegal entry and using fraudulent documents.

Riddington went on the run following Barker’s murder two years ago and ended up in the north part of Cyprus with the use of a fake passport. He reportedly was living in a house in Trikomo (Iskele) where police investigators discovered a large sum of money in cash.

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