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Four arrested in Ayia Napa highway execution

Police arrested four suspects in connection with the murder of Gary Boris Christodoulou two weeks ago


Police have arrested four suspects in the murder of Gary Boris Christodoulou, who was killed execution-style after his car came to a forced stop on the Ayia Napa highway two weeks ago.

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Christodoulou, who had been employed at a local nightclub in Ayia Napa, was murdered on the night November 1, with police saying his killer shot him multiple times and twice in the head after he tried to escape his car.

The victim, who was described in media reports as a 33-year-old Cypriot male holding a French passport, was driving along the Ayia Napa – Paralimni road where later his car was spotted by a woman about a kilometre away from a roundabout.

Police have not shared any details regarding the arrests, except to say they obtained statements in the course of the investigation that led them to the suspects

The woman notified police around 10:15pm to report that she believed there had been an accident. She could not see anyone inside the vehicle but the lights were turned on and the engine was still running, according to reports.

Cops who went to investigate noticed there was a bullet lodged in the passenger seat and the window was broken by what appeared to be a gunshot. The area was cordoned off and cops searched the area.

Around 11:50pm they located the body inside an area with thick shrubbery and acacia trees, some 150 metres away from his vehicle. Christodoulou had two gunshot wounds to the head while reports also said he sustained injuries in other parts of his body.

The victim was known to authorities for cases involving drug trafficking and drug possession, while some reports suggested he was also linked to witnesses in a previous mafia killing in Ayia Napa. There was no immediate confirmation from authorities that there might be any connection between the two killings.

Police have not shared any details regarding the arrest of the four suspects, except to say that investigators obtained statements in the course of the investigation that led them to the suspects.

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