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Nicosia cops trying to locate pregnant woman

Egyptian expectant mother under mental health watch escapes hospital, possible preterm labour suspected


Authorities are on the lookout for a 7-month pregnant woman who was under a mental health watch when she got up and walked away from Makarios Children’s Hospital in Nicosia.

(Click here for an update to the story)

Media reports said the expectant mother, an Egyptian national who was under mandatory mental health treatment in Athalassa, was having contractions when she was transported to Makarios hospital.

But during a moment when a nurse was not watching the pregnant patient, around 10:30pm Monday night, the woman managed to walk away and later disappeared from the hospital.

Police are looking for the woman, who is said to be in immediate danger both for herself and her unborn child, as she was having contractions and could go into preterm labour.

The woman was taken to Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital on Friday, although it was not clear under what circumstances she was ordered to check in or whether she was in any type of detention. 

She is described as having a slim build, dark hair, about 1.60m, and she was reportedly wearing black yoga pants, black shoes, and a black wind jacket. 

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