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Two men attempt 'mission impossible' in Nicosia

Georgian national arrested upon attempting to enter south using rope over city wall


Two men were seen throwing a rope over a part of the inner-city wall that separates north from south in downtown Nicosia, with bystanders watching in awe as the scene unfolded just like a Hollywood movie.

Around 1pm on Monday, in broad daylight, two men in the north attempted to enter the Republic of Cyprus in the divided capital with the use of ropes, according to police.

Bystanders, who thought they were watching a scene from a movie according to local reports, immediately alerted authorities while officers were already on the way.

A Georgian national was quickly arrested, who told police he was alone during his mission impossible attempt when he climbed down.

Reports said he arrived on the island the previous day but gave no convincing answers as to how long he was planning to stay or whether he was en route to a third country.

Nicosia police were reportedly questioning the man, who was expected to be detained as a suspect, while cops searched the perimeter for signs of a possible accomplice. 

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, this was not the first such incident that took place downtown this year. 

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