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04 July, 2020
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Waterspout appears out of the blue

Tornado over Famagusta waters gets noticed by local weather enthusiasts


An unusual tornado over water appeared in the north, off the Famagusta coast in the northern part of Cyprus, sparking a lively discussion among weather enthusiasts all over the island. 

A video posted on Facebook was shared extensively on social media, showing a funnel-shaped cloud out in the open sea that turned out to be a large waterspout moving on a path during stormy weather.

Several social media pages hosted the video, eliciting comments ranging from “amazing” and “just missed it” to “saw it but it was very far.”

Waterspouts are not seen frequently in Cyprus as marine weather remains mostly uneventful except from choppy seas and high winds.

But several weather patterns have made their way to the island recently, including mixed weather and hot rainy days.

Summer weather showed signs of retreat over the weekend despite warm, sunny but cloudy weather throughout Monday, while weekend rain showers and thunderstorms marked the start of a new season.

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