22 April, 2019


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31. Labour leader Corbyn curves towards new Brexit referendum

32. 'We will miss you' - Germany pleads with the British to stay in EU

33. Britain at crossroads as parliament rejects Brexit deal

34. Brexit vote: May asks MPs to take a second look

35. Brexit is in peril May warns ahead of parliament vote

36. Hunt: UK risks Brexit paralysis and possibly no Brexit at all

37. Europe without the US

38. Jaguar Land Rover to cuts 4500 UK jobs

39. Forget fantasy Brexit, UK tells lawmakers

40. UK, European officials discussing possible Brexit delay

41. May to hold parliamentary Brexit vote on January 15

42. Gatwick airport reopens after drone sows chaos

43. London Gatwick Airport suspends all flights

44. Cyprus and UK sign new pension protocol

45. UK shipping firm P&O re-flagging two vessels to Cyprus ahead of Brexit

46. Britain to shake up Big Four accountants

47. May: New Brexit vote would 'break faith' with British

48. Greek phlegm and British drama

49. Cavusoglu meets Lute

50. Minister speaks out on halloumi case

The government says the halloumi market is big enough for everyone, signaling that Cypriot authorities could rethink the protected designation of origin following an embarrassing ruling in the UK...

51. May wins confidence vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a confidence vote by the Conservative Party on Wednesday, but a mutiny by more than a third of her lawmakers indicated parliament was heading toward deadlock over Brexit...

52. British PM to face confidence vote tonight

53. May: Does this house want to deliver Brexit?

54. Europe may need to step up sanctions on Russia over Ukraine - Merkel ally

55. Big Oil digs North Sea's final frontier

56. Brexit: Speculation on number of no confidence letters grows

57. Who wants to be Britain's next prime minister?

58. After cabinet backing, May girds for Brexit battle in parliament

59. Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday

60. May's opponents vow to thwart Brexit deal as Britain agrees on divorce terms with EU